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Samsung Galaxy Watch Hits FCC With WiFi and LTE Connectivity

This morning, a report suggested that Samsung’s next watch was indeed called Galaxy Watch, but that it would run Tizen 4.0 instead of fulfilling the rumor of Samsung’s switch back to Wear OS. Tonight, we can 100% confirm the name of Samsung Galaxy Watch, thanks to FCC documents that...


DEAL: Essential Selling Its 360 Camera for Just $19, Down From $199

Don’t ask us why, but Essential is currently selling its 360 Camera for only $19, down from its usual price of $199. With dual sensors and built-in microphones, the 360 camera is capable of shooting 4K video with 3D spatial audio, perfect for uploading from your Essential Phone to YouTube, Fac...


Latest Essential AMA: Android Q Support, Camera Features Roadmap, and More

Essential is still doing its monthly Ask Me Anythings over on reddit, providing its community with an opportunity to ask actual Essential staff anything related to Essential and the Essential Phone. This time around, folks asked about Android P beta updates and even got to discussing support for And...


Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is Official, “Up to Two Times Better” Than Gorilla Glass 5

Corning announced its new Gorilla Glass material today, called Gorilla Glass 6. It has been two years since they first announced Gorilla Glass 5, a material that has been featured on almost every single flagship smartphone, so yeah, it was probably time for something newer and tougher. With the new...


Another Report Claims Samsung Will Release Foldable Phone With 7″ Display Early Next Year

The latest intel from Wall Street Journal suggests Samsung will release its foldable smartphone, codenamed Winner, early next year. This aligns with a similar report we wrote up in mid-June. Unfortunately, WSJ also reports that the phone’s price will be no laughing matter, but that also goes a...


Google does it best, and the EU ruling won’t change that

The European Commission’s enormous fine handed down to Google represents more than just a headline number. However, the overall demands won’t change Android as we know it, even if  Google can’t successfully appeal the ruling. What happened? Don't missGoogle vs the EU: Which s...


Gorilla Glass 6 pics: Imagine a fully customizable glass back with color and texture

Corning today unveiled its latest iteration of smartphone glass: Gorilla Glass 6. Along with the new product, it demonstrated a new technology called Ink Jet which can allow you to fully customize glass. The technique could be used to create photorealistic smartphone backs, new glass textures...


75% price drop: 4K ultra HD action camera just $49.99

GoPro has always been the popular choice of action camera, but the price point of $400 for the latest model presents you with two issues: Do you have that much cash to splurge on a camera, and once you’ve got something that valuable, are you going to risk breaking it during an overambitious ba...


Acer Chromebook Tab 10 review: The start of something beautiful

Chromebooks are immensely popular in schools all around the world, but they don’t offer the portability or convenience of, say, an iPad or Surface device. That’s why Google is now partnering with manufacturers to launch Chrome OS tablets. The first of which is the $329 Chromebook Ta...


Check your AT&T bill: It might be more expensive than before (Update: Sprint, too)

Bill Bradford/Flickr Update, July 18, 2018 (3:55PM EST): According to The Wall Street Journal, Sprint also quietly increased its administrative fee. In the past few months, users on Reddit reported that the fee increased from $1.99 to $2.50 per month on their bills. The change happened as ear...

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