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How to Fix Error Code 0xC0000225 in Windows 10

Seeing the 0xc0000225 error on Microsoft Windows 10 when you try to boot your PC? This common error is a huge pain because it prevents your PC from booting at all. Thankfully, you can usually fix this error with a bit of work. We’ll show you how to fix error code 0xc0000225 on Windows 10. What...


EE reveals new 4GEE Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Mini wonder devices

EE has announced that it will be launching brand new 4GEE Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Mini devices, which are smaller and lighter than ever before. In the case of the 4GEE Wi-Fi device, it manages to offer, in that small package, CAT 12 4G+ speeds of up to 600Mbps thanks to Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, connecti...


When It Comes to US Carrier Download Speeds, T-Mobile and Verizon are Basically Equal

Speed will always be a big part of the decision you make between this wireless carrier and that one. Sure, coverage is arguably more important, but we do care that when connected to a nearby tower, that we can watch HD+ video on our QHD screens, stream music without hiccups, and get to Droid Life in...


What’s behind all these Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks?

In four years of writing about Android, I can’t remember a single major smartphone released without accurate rumors or leaks preceding it. Leaks have become so prevalent they’re now the rule, rather than the exception. They’re a part of the landscape — for better or worse &m...


No, your phone is not always listening to you

One evening you’re talking to a friend or partner about some holiday you want to take, a major purchase you’re mulling over, or the latest movie you want to see. Your smartphone is probably on the coffee table or tucked away in your pocket. The next day, your Facebook feed is full of ad...


Get $4,999 of training for just $59 in Cybersecurity! Fast track your career now

Cyber security is fast becoming one of the biggest and most lucrative industries out there. Ethical hackers are sought after, especially those with qualifications to back up their skills. If you’ve got several of the most globally-recognized certifications then you’re going to be in hig...


Navigation Wars: Google Maps vs Waze vs Apple Maps

The dawn of the smartphone age had us cheering for GPS chips and easy, on-the-go navigation. No longer were we beholden to sites like MapQuest (which still exists as a mobile app, by the way) and printing out directions. Instead, we could open up our maps app, input a destination, and receive live,...


Google facing record $5 billion fine over controversial Android practices (Updated)

Update #2, July 18, 2018 (09:33AM EST): In an update on the Google Blog, CEO Sundar Pichai has announced Google will appeal against its 4.34 billion euro fine it received earlier today. Pichai outlined several arguments against the EU’s decision, stating that it “ignores the fact that A...


Amazon’s Prime Day again became the biggest sales day in its history

Prime Day has once again broken records. Despite serious glitches at its start, Amazon announced this morning that Prime Day 2018 grew to become the biggest shopping event in its history, beating out Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the previous Prime Day 2017. Of course, this year’s Prime Day...


Y Combinator to give $10K to 100 grads of its online Startup School

Y Combinator wants to lure more companies into the funnel for its accelerator while democratizing free access to startup knowledge. It’s simultaneously moving up and down market to conquer the acceleration space, with both its recent Series A program for more mature startups, and $1 mill...

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