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Tesla clears the air with “farting unicorn” artist after copyright stink

Enlarge (credit: Elon Musk) Tom Edwards, a Colorado-based potter who designed a "farting unicorn" mug that Tesla CEO Elon Musk became enamored with, announced last Friday that the two sides had reached an "agreement" over the use of the image. No terms were disclosed. "It's clear there were some...


Nintendo to ROM sites: Forget cease-and-desist, now we’re suing

Enlarge / Though LoveROMs acted quickly to remove all traces of Nintendo-related content at its site, its 404 page still redirects to this Chrono Trigger (SNES) homage. (credit: LoveROMs) Nintendo's attitude toward ROM releases—either original games' files or fan-made edits—has often...


Facebook follows SpaceX and OneWeb into high-speed satellite broadband

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto ) Facebook has confirmed plans to launch a low-Earth orbit (LEO) broadband satellite early next year in what could be the first step toward a constellation of satellites, according to Wired. A May 2018 report from IEEE Spectrum provided evidence that a sat...


Student engineers build hyperloop test pods with commercial-class top speeds

Enlarge / All the action happened at this end of the 3/4 mile low-pressure test track. A pyramid and an obelisk of Boring Company bricks and EPFLoop's pod cover can be seen beside it. (credit: Megan Geuss) HAWTHORNE, CA—On a sweltering day in Southern California, 20 groups of student engine...


The best PC gaming headset 2018

Now that PC gaming isn’t as cost-prohibitive as it was just a few months ago, you should celebrate by picking up one of the best PC gaming headsets. Now, a lot of people may write it off, but high sound quality is extremely underrated, and one of the best ways to enhance your gaming experience...


How to Attach a High-Gain Antenna to a Router (And Which One to Buy)

For most people, the router is the first port of call for a lackluster Wi-Fi signal. You might have a router supplied by your service provider, which are quite a mixed bag. Some providers want you actually to enjoy internet access throughout your home. Other service providers seem to take pride in d...


iPad or iPhone Won’t Charge? 4 Ways to Get It Working Again

Every iPhone or iPad owner uses a Lightning cable to charge their device on a near-daily basis. But sometimes, instead of the usual tone to confirm that charging has begun, your iPhone won’t charge. After a few more tries plugging in the cable to no success, it’s time to look for a solut...


How to Play Classic PC Games on Your Raspberry Pi

An incredible library of games and other software is available to your Raspberry Pi. You probably know that it makes a great base for emulating other platforms, but did you know it could run retro PC software? Before Windows, there was MS-DOS. This old disk operating system from Microsoft can be emu...


£60 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card up for grabs with all TalkTalk broadband and TV deals now

A week or two ago we were getting all excited because TalkTalk started offering really cheap Sky Sports with its fibre broadband plans. So imagine how giddy we are now that we've arranged an exclusive offer to TechRadar readers on TalkTalk's broadband and TV deals, where you also get the choice of a...


Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft join up to help share your data

Four of the world's largest technology firms have announced a new project aimed at making it easier to share data between different sites.The Data Transfer Project brings together Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter in a bid to make portability of user data a smoother process.This means that tra...

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