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2019 BMW M5 & Older Generations

The BMW M5 is the original model that started the high performance super saloon genre. Now an all-new sixth generation of the BMW M5 Saloon, will launch in February 2018 equipped with an enhanced V8 engine, a new M-specific, all-wheel drive system known as M xDrive and performance statistics that su...


These stoner hackers want machine learning to save us from sick weed

Nothing harshes a good mellow like sick buds. Thankfully, there may one day be an app for that.  Hidden from the hazy Friday afternoon of Las Vegas, tucked away in the basement of the Flamingo casino, a group of likeminded hackers and security researchers gathered to explore "DIY cannabis tech"...


Twitter suspends Proud Boys before white supremacist rally

Well, apparently Twitter does have a line when it comes to unhinged hate speech. The company suspended accounts associated with the Proud Boys ahead of the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Washington, D.C., this weekend. The move was originally reported by BuzzFeed News.  SEE ALSO: Ho...


Trump Jr. shares a fake Photoshop of his daddy's approval rating

Donald Trump Jr. was caught red-handed for a terrible Photoshop job, but this time it wasn't because he airbrushed his pores into oblivion.  In a now-deleted Instagram post, Don Jr. shared a CNN report comparing Trump's approval ratings with statistics from Obama's presidency.  "Amazing,"...


The DNC just served Wikileaks with a lawsuit over Twitter

Wikileaks just got served with a tweet. On Friday, the law firm representing the Democratic National Committee served Wikileaks with a single tweet, linking to a number of legal documents related to its lawsuit against the organization founded by Julian Assange. @wikileaks By Court order, you are b...


Hackers can seize practically all your online accounts, and it's your voicemail's fault

Who would have thought that, in the end, it would be the humble voicemail that would do us all in? Your Google, Microsoft, Apple, WhatsApp, and even Signal accounts all have an Achilles' heel — the same one, in fact. And it turns out that if you're not careful, a hacker could use that weakness...


12 Awkward Moments from Old People Facebook

They weren't born with the internet, so we'll forgive them. Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , Awkward , strange , grandma , old people , Grandpa , funny Share on Facebook


17 Spelling Massacres That Will Turn Your Face into a Palm Magnet

Yeah, big words are hard to spell. No one's faulting you for getting one letter wrong. But these ones... these ones are different. God damn. Submitted by: Tagged: grammar , FAIL , signs , texting , spelling , mistake , funny , stupid Share on Facebook


20 Morally Confused Individuals Giving Humanity A Bad Name

Some jerks just want to watch the world burn.  Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , cringe , mean , jerk , social media , asshole Share on Facebook


Talking Dead Executive Producer And More Quit After Chris Hardwick's Return

Chris Hardwick got the go-ahead to return to AMC after the recent controversy, and an executive producer quit because of it. She wasn't alone.

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