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20 Perfectly Timed Photos When Everything Lined Up Perfectly

The timing is truly divine.  Submitted by: Tagged: cool , awesome , Perfect Timing , win Share on Facebook


13 Frustrating Cheapskates Who Tried And Failed To Swindle People

The audacity of these folks to waste people's time! Do they think they're being smart? Submitted by: Tagged: deal , beggar , FAIL , cheap , money , stupid , for sale , texting , payment , free Share on Facebook


14 Painfully Relatable Posts About Working In Customer Service

People are the worst. Careful, these might trigger all that pent-up, customer service angst.  Submitted by: Tagged: customer service , jobs , relatable , work Share on Facebook


Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Results And The Aftermath

We have the update on the results of the Veto ceremony and what's going on in the house right now. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!


The CW Boss Talks Whether Batman Will Appear In The Arrow-verse

The Arrow-verse is adding Batwoman in the new season. Could Batman be next?


Homeland Officially Ending On Showtime After Season 8

The end is officially nigh for Homeland.


Barry Chuckle dead: Barry Chuckle ‘died after secret battle with bone cancer which spread to his lungs,' brother says

Barry Chuckle's cause of death has been revealed by his brother Jimmy [Getty] Barry Chuckle died after a secret battle with bone cancer, his brother has announced. His eldest brother Jimmy Patton says that the star’s family are “devastated” by the loss after he passed away a...


Love Island's Kendall Rae-Knight is 'catching up' with villa partner Niall Aslam following their reunion

Kendall Rae-Knight was coupled up with Niall Aslam at the start of Love Island [ITV] Love Island viewers were left stunned from the very first week when Adam Collard stole Kendall Rae-Knight from fan favourite Niall Aslam.  But following Kendall’s dramatic dumping wh...


Barry Chuckle dead: Barry Chuckle personally wrote to heartbroken fans to reassure them he was alive after death hoax

Barry Chuckle wrote to heartbroken fans after a death hoax in 2010 [Getty] Barry Chuckle wrote to heartbroken fans to reassure them that he was alive after a death hoax. False rumours of Barry’s death circulated in 2010, eight years before he sadly passed away from a secret heart condit...


Love Island’s Zara McDermott opens up on revenge porn HELL which saw her excluded from school at 14

Zara McDermott has spoken out about her teenage nudes leak [Instagram/Zara McDermott] Zara McDermott  has revealed that she was excluded from school at the age of 14 after becoming a victim of revenge porn. The Love Island star, now 21, has opened up on her ordeal in a radio intervi...

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