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MTV Video Music Awards 2018: Everything You Need to Know About the Big Show

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards are back in the Big Apple. After last year’s trip to Los Angeles, the annual event — celebrating the best of music and videos — has returned to the place where it all began: New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, where the first-ever VMAs aired...


Winona Ryder Says She 'Actually Got Married' to Keanu Reeves While Filming 1992's Dracula 

Have Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves been married for over a decade? According to the actress, it’s a possibility! “We actually got married in Dracula,” the 46-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly while the pair promoted their upcoming film Destination Wedding. “No,...


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Is Tops as Asian-Americans Flock to Box Office

“Crazy Rich Asians” (Warner Bros.) scored an impressive #1 box office position, topping $25 million for the three-day weekend and a five-day total of $34 million. Strong word of mouth and huge Asian-American audience interest fueled the box office. Its appeal to an underserved niche audi...


Glenn Close as ‘The Wife’ Leads Specialty Box Office; Two Ethan Hawke Films Pull Crowds

The rekindled enthusiasm for narrative specialty film continues. Sony Pictures Classics opened TIFF 2017 premiere, Glenn Close vehicle “The Wife,” to strong response, while Sundance 2018 debut “We the Animals” (The Orchard) led conventional two-city openings. Another Sundance...


Kylie Jenner Claps Back at a Fan Who Spread Rumors That She Split from Baby Daddy Travis Scott

She had time! Growing up as a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie Jenner is no stranger to rumors about herself and her life. But one... Read More >>


Selena Gomez Debuts Her Two New Matching Tattoos in Honor of Her Best Friends

She's living her best life with her best friends! Selena Gomez has been keeping a low profile lately in recent months, but the pop star took to her... Read More >>


European Printmakers Had No Idea What Colonial American Cities Looked Like, So They Just Made Stuff Up

In the 18th century, Europeans were amazed at the imports coming in from the New World at the same time they said goodbye to friends and neighbors who set off for America and never returned. Those long sea voyages meant scant mail, and it was rare for an artist to bring back their impressions. Oh, t...

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6 Reasons Why iPhone Notifications Are Finally Up to Snuff in iOS 12

While iOS 11 was famous for its instability, performance issues weren't the only factor holding it back. The OS overhauled the notification system on iPhone, but not necessarily for the better. iOS 12, however, improves upon these changes, bringing critical features that make viewing and interactin...

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The Top 10 New Features in iOS 12's Messages App for iPhone

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as "iMessage," the Messages app is where iPhone owners go to chat with iOS users across the world. Apple has made some significant improvements to the messaging app with its forthcoming iOS 12 update. If you're interested to see how your Messages experience is abou...

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