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2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody Explained

Compared with the standard SRT Hellcat engine, the Redeye’s supercharged high-output engine features: Largest factory supercharger of any production car – 2.7 liters versus 2.4 liters Increased boost pressure: 14.5 psi versus 11.6 psi Higher rpm limit: 6,500 rpm versus 6,200 rpm Fuel: Two dual-stage...


The mystery of who wrote a 50-year-old Beatles song is solved, thanks to math

Which member of The Beatles wrote "In My Life," from the 1965 album Rubber Soul? It turns out that math has the answer. Debates have long raged across pop culture about who wrote which Beatles song, both before and after the internet was born. The melody from "In My Life" in particular has been one...


Alex Jones is so eager to stay on Twitter he's attempting to follow its rules

Belching human smokestack Alex Jones is scrubbing his Twitter accounts of their most overt violations of Twitter's Terms of Service.  On Thursday, CNN published a list of InfoWars and Jones tweets that contained fun content like individual harassment and degradation on the basis of religion and...


Watch Pearl Jam play Chris Cornell's 'Missing'

Seattle hosted an all-star grunge festival this weekend featuring some of the era's best acts. Of all the sets, Pearl Jam's stood out the most. With the help of Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, the band covered Chris Cornell's "Missing." It's been just a little over a year since Cornell's suicide....


Android devices are stunningly vulnerable if you're a careless power-user

Don't chuck your Android phone across the room in fear just yet. A report from the security firm Kryptowire, via Wired, shows that many Android phones are stunningly vulnerable thanks to Android's open operating system. But while this report is concerning, the real-world threat it poses to actual An...


'Dora the Explorer' star Isabela Moner shares a look at her perfect movie costume

Whatever your opinion may be of a live-action Dora the Explorer movie, there's no denying that star Isabela Moner has the look down. On Friday, Moner posted a photo of herself in costume on her personal Instagram page. The caption accompanying the photo is as straightforward as such things get: "So...


14 Crazy Things You Can Buy Online Right Now

What a time we all live in. Submitted by: Tagged: shopping , interesting , products Share on Facebook


45 Times Scottish Twitter Was Unexplainably Hilarious

We can't guarantee you'll understand these wildly incomprehensible tweets, but therein lies the beauty of Scottish Twitter!  Submitted by: Tagged: scottish , hilarious , twitter , confusing , foreign , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook


16 Fashion Fails From People That Don't Give A Sh*t About Fitting In

These people are shattering norms in the fashion industry. The world wasn't (might never be) ready for them.  Submitted by: Tagged: fashion , FAIL , cringe , Awkward , ridiculous Share on Facebook


Jennifer Lopez Addresses Shades Of Blue's Cancellation

Jennifer Lopez has some thoughts on Shades of Blue coming to an end.

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