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Ciara Named Her New Single After That “Level Up” Controversy

Ciara has more "Goodies" for us! View Entire Post ›


Meet The Artist Who Did The Cool Liquid Body Paint For Ariana Grande In "God Is A Woman"

Alexa Meade said Grande was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's famous flower paintings. View Entire Post ›


I'm Doing It...I'm Bringing Up Dua Lipa's Abs

Truly sickening. View Entire Post ›


We Interviewed K-Pop Group Stray Kids And Found Out Some Things You Might Not Know

Will your guesses be on point or ~stray~ from the truth? View Entire Post ›


Build A Doner Kebab, And We'll Reveal Which German City You Should Be Living In

Kebab, gyro, shawarma — whatever you call it, let it call the shots. View Entire Post ›


Go Camping And We'll Tell You What National Park You Should Visit

Gather 'round the campfire. View Entire Post ›


16 Hilarious Ways to Shut Down a Date Immediately

We’ve all been there. You swipe right on Tinder, decide on a place to meet, and realize about five minutes in that leaving your house in the first place was a huge error. Maybe you feel like you’ve been catfished because they look nothing like their photos (surprise!), or perhaps you qui...


Waitress Throws Gross Customer Like a Sack of Potatoes After He Gropes Her

There's a certain type of creep who'll go out of their way to harass or grope waitresses and waiters.  I'll never get people who think that they can invade someone's personal space without being annoying, rude, or disgusting. Like people who slink up to you and put their arms over your shoulder...


Celebrate Shark Week's 30th Anniversary With These Killer Cocktails

The 30th anniversary of Shark Week is here — and what better way to celebrate the milestone than with a drink inspired by these underwater predators. Discovery Channel's schedule is jam-packed with specials that are guaranteed to horrify anyone suffering from galeophobia, so a cocktail or two...


A History of the Royal Family’s Most Savage Snubs

All the people who found themselves on the opposite end of the family's icy wrath.Becoming a royal takes more than wooing a member of the family and then prancing around in a fancy crown. There are a lot of family politics involved that makes navigating royalty even more of a headache. And if you ma...

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