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IT Chapter 2: Every Update You Need To Know

IT Chapter 2 will pick up 27 years after 2017's breakout horror hit, IT, returning the Losers' Club to Derry, Maine for a final showdown against Pennywise in the present day. A big cast, led by Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, will play the adults, while Bill Skarsgard reprises the role...


Harry Potter: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Death Eaters

No tyrant is complete without an army. For Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, the Death Eaters were his chief soldiers.The title of Death Eater was given to Voldemort's followers, witches and wizards who followed his orders and enforced his will during the First and Second Wizarding Wars. The...


Just Cause 4 Game Trailer Showcases New Engine

A new trailer for Just Cause 4 shows off the stunning capabilities of the game's engine, the Apex Engine. Games developed by Avalanche Studios always use the company's Apex Engine, which has been greatly improved for Just Cause 4.Swedish video game developer Avalanche Studios has a reputation for ma...


People Want The "Queer Eye" Guys To Make Over Post Malone

"They just think I'm ugly and smell LOL. Love the show though guys, keep crushing it." View Entire Post ›


This Girl Flew Across The Country To Learn How To Make Macarons

Spoiler: it was way harder than she expected. View Entire Post ›


This Guy Paid a Restaurant in Quarters and Got Upset When They Called Him out for It

We've all encountered things that are technically correct but still very annoying. Like when someone points out that there's a difference between a blanket and a duvet. Or that in France, perfume is a fragrance for both men and women, as is cologne — it just depends on the time of day you're w...


This Man Has Traveled to Every State in America to Mow Lawns for the Elderly and Disabled

Just when I'm about to throw the entire Internet in a garbage can, I come across a story like this one about a man named Rodney Smith Jr.  Smith began an epic journey in May, traveling to every state in America, KRDO reports. And he's not just sight-seeing. Smith is offering his services for fr...


Some Nerd Got Fouled so Hard in a Game of Basketball, He Actually Called the Cops

There have been a lot of petty people in the news recently calling the cops on folks for doing the most frivolous of things.There's that woman who once informed the authorities that a man was grilling outdoors "in a threatening manner." Then there's the resident who called the police on a man perfor...


Meghan Markle Is a Princess Who Seems to Have an Evil Half-Sister

Meghan Markle's life seems like a complete fairytale: Her wedding was the talk of the town for months, her photos with Prince Harry and family look like they were ripped from a fairtytale-themed Pinterest page, and she seems to be absolutely luminously in love. It's a dream.Unfortunately, no one's l...


There's a Third 'Property Brother' and He's Cooler Than Jonathan and Drew Scott, TBH

Surprise! If you love Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, you're in for a treat. The HGTV hosts actually have an older brother named J.D. Scott— and TBH, the third honorary Property Brother is actually the coolest of the trio. Despite not being included in their popular home...

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