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'B*tch, I'm a Cow' is the summer bop taking over the internet with memes

Welcome to the song of the summer.  Even if you don't vibe with Doja Cat's "Mooo!" it'll probably be stuck in your head well into 2019. The intoxicating beat, juxtaposed with catchy declarations like "Bitch, I'm a cow" and "I'm not a cat, I don't say meow" creates a bop that you can't help danc...


Lose Your Faith In Humanity In These 13 Pics

How destructively ignorant can people get?  Submitted by: Tagged: wtf , cringe , faith in humanity , ridiculous , stupid Share on Facebook


27 Very British Tweets That Will Have You Apologizing to Your Earl Grey

Are you an overthinking, neurotic mess? Do you find every opportunity to be passive aggressive? If so, you may relate to these very British problems. Submitted by: Tagged: britain , apology , British , tweets , waving , socially awkward , passive aggressive , funny Share on Facebook


Dad Tears Apart School's Typo-Ridden Letter Fining Him For His Son Missing Class

The irony in this letter was too strong to pass up. Dad definitely took home the win on this one.  Submitted by: Tagged: school , parenting , education , brutal , funny Share on Facebook


7 Salty AF Ex-Employees Who Raged On Glassdoor Reviews

Sometimes we just can't end things on good terms.  Submitted by: Tagged: reviews , customer service , jobs , companies Share on Facebook


Designing Women Is Getting A TV Reboot Now

If you thought the TV boom of reboots was over, well, clearly you were wrong because now a Designing Women reboot is in the works.


Watch America's Got Talents' Human Fountains Break Simon Cowell With Super Gross Hot Dog Stunt

The Human Fountains returned and upped the grossness ante with an act that pretty much broke Simon Cowell. Take a look!


First Look At NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Reveals The Aftermath Of The Big Season 9 Cliffhanger

NCIS: LA ended its ninth season on a wild cliffhanger, and a first look at Season 10 shows what's in store next.


Sam Faiers SLAMMED by angry followers as she takes children to the zoo: 'This is a disgrace'

Sam shared a picture of little Paul at a wildlife park sparking debate [Instagram/ Sam Faiers] Sam Faiers left fans bitterly arguing after she took her children to a zoo.  The former The Only Way Is Essex star, 27, divided opinion after she took two year old son Paul and nine m...


Cheryl laughs off Liam Payne's new romance following split as she shares hilarious clip from The Greatest Dancer seemingly proving she's unfazed

Cheryl showed that Liam's new relationship was not getting her down [Instagram/ Cheryl] Cheryl appeared unfazed amid reports that Liam Payne, 24, had moved on with Cairo Dwek just six weeks after their split.  The Fight For This Love singer, 35, proved she wasn't mourning her ex boy...

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