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What Is Love Island? The U.K. Dating Reality Show Is Taking America by Storm

Nobody does reality TV better than the Brits — and the U.K.’s most popular program is finally available to American audiences. Every episode of ITV2’s Love Island is now streaming on Hulu, and we can’t get enough. Picture Bachelor in Paradise if it aired e...


Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving The Walking Dead for Family: 'It Was Time for Me to Come Home'

After more than eight seasons, Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead for the same reason his character Rick Grimes has fought to stay alive for so long: Family. While news of the actor’s departure first broke in late May, Lincoln, 44, confirmed the news at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this...


Zack Snyder Won’t Stop Talking About Batman And Reveals Dick Grayson Is The Dead DCEU Robin

Sure, it’s great when a filmmaker takes the time out to answer questions that fans pose on social media. Of course, that’s as long as the fans aren’t complete trolls. However, in the case of Zack Snyder and his various films in the DC Universe, enough is enough. It’s time to...


Run-Time For ‘Suspiria’ Remake Almost A Full Hour Longer Than Dario Argento’s Original

Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” clocks in at a slim 98 minutes. In 2018, a film with a run-time under 2 hours is damn near unheard of. So, with that in mind, many people assumed that Luca Guadagnino’s take on “Suspiria” would probably be longer than Argento’s ori...


MoviePass Announces Price Increase And Plan To Block Users From Seeing Major Film Releases

Screw daytime soap operas. The best melodrama around is happening before our eyes with MoviePass. After the incredible (or devastating, if you work at the subscription service) week of news, which included outages on Thursday and yesterday, the surprise blocking of “Mission: Impossible —...


‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’ Review: Amazon and Sono Sion Team Up for a Gonzo Action Movie Set Inside a Vampire’s Vagina — Fantasia Fest

The first thing you should know about Sono Sion’s characteristically unhinged “Tokyo Vampire Hotel” is that — spoiler alert? — most of it takes place inside of a vampire’s vagina. Well, technically speaking, most of it takes place inside of a massive hotel, but th...


Vomiting Monster Birds and Serial Killer Podcasts Among the Horror Movie Highlights at Fantasia’s Frontieres Market

Anyone looking for positive signs of diversity at the movies needed to look no further than this year’s Frontières Co-Production Marketplace, which took place in July at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. The market, which gives genre filmmakers the opportunity to pi...


A Mime’s Silent Resistance Against Nazi Forces

(YouTube link)The most famous mime ever was Marcel Marceau. Let's face it, he's the only mime you know by name. But the French performer had more on his resume than his stage act. During World War II, Marceau harnessed his acting talent to aid the French Resistance. Great Big Story lets us in on a...


Kylie Jenner Using DISTRACTIONS To HIDE Second Pregnancy!

For more on Kylie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qUUIGTXnOw&t=1s If Kylie Jenner really is pregnant again than she is doing the most to throw us off the scent…by all of a sudden showing fans her workout routine for literally the first time ever. Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS Get the sco...

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