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Are people dumb? Or is the world just hard?

It’s hot in Europe right now. Like, really hot. It’s so hot that every time I stand up from sitting down, I leave another puddle, exposing my perpetual swamp ass to the world. I’ve taken four cold showers today, yet I still stink. Every time I accidentally come into contact with ot...


Tristan Thompson Wants To Leave Khloe Kardashian | Hollywoodlife

Tristan Thompson reportedly wants to leave Khloe Kardashian and we have exclusive details. Plus - Kanye West apparently wanted his 'Life of Pablo' album to be about porn. #KhloeKardashian #TristanThompson #kyliejenner Khloe Kardashian, 34, and NBA star Tristan Thompson, 27, are reportedly on the...


Sons of Anarchy's Alan O'Neill Died of Alcohol Overconsumption, Head Trauma After Possible Fall

Sons of Anarchy actor Alan O’Neill’s cause of death has been revealed. O’Neill died of sequelae of chronic ethanol (alcohol) overconsumption, an L.A. County Coroner’s Office spokeswoman tells PEOPLE. Other significant conditions include blunt force head trauma and coronary ar...


Demi Lovato's Family 'Pushing for Rehab' After Singer's Apparent Overdose: Source

As Demi Lovato continues recovering from her apparent overdose in the hospital, the singer’s family is working on making arrangements for Lovato to go to rehab. “Demi’s family is pushing for rehab,” a source tells PEOPLE, adding that “they have looked into several...


‘Star Wars Episode IX’: Luke Skywalker Will Return; Carrie Fisher To Reappear Via Old Footage

Lucasfilm announced today production has begun on “Star Wars: Episode IX,” and their news starts out with a bang. Perhaps in a way to avoid spoilers that inevitably leak, Lucasfilm has revealed out of the gate that Mark Hamill will return as Luke Skywalker, presumably as a force ghost th...


‘Hereditary’ Hits A Major Box Office Milestone, Proving “Arthouse Horror” Can Be Profitable

Less than two months from its opening weekend, “Hereditary” has recently hit a milestone at the box office. According to Deadline, the film’s $78 million worldwide total is now the top film in the history of distributor A24. And honestly, even though the film is one of the best of...


Apple To Develop New Series Based On Terry Gilliam’s 1980 Film ‘Time Bandits’

While we’re not sure what Terry Gilliam has up his sleeve next, we do know that there’s some more Gilliam goodness in our future. According to Deadline, Apple is looking to adapt the director’s 1980 fantasy film “Time Bandits” into a television series. No word on a rele...


‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6 Review: A Bleak Run of Episodes Suggests the End Is Near

[Editor’s note: The first half of this review will be spoiler-free for “Orange is the New Black” Season 6. However, the second half will contain spoilers.] It’s strange to be nostalgic for prison. It’s even more strange to be nostalgic for a prison in which you were nev...


Julie Taymor Gets What She Wants: Winning the Battle for ‘Across the Universe’

Julie Taymor wasn’t happy with Sony’s 2007 release of her biggest-budget film to date, the $45-million “Across the Universe.” An original movie musical, sung live long before “Les Miserables” or “La La Land,” her film was a memorably inventive and...

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