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Dr. Pimple Popper on the one thing even she finds disgusting

Dermatologist Sandra Lee — better known as Dr. Pimple Popper — is not your typical Instagram star. Instead of beauty tutorials or fashion hauls, Dr. Lee is known for her oozing, explosive, forever satisfying pimple popping videos.  SEE ALSO: Navel stones to ingrown toenails: Can you...


Crazybaby Air 1S review: Good sound in a questionable design

Crazybaby Air 1S $159 View Product The Good Good sound • with powerful bass • Lightweight and comfortable The Bad Large • not-so-portable carrying case • Lousy battery life • Bluetooth pairing process can be stressful The Bottom Line While the Crazybaby Air...


Laptops on sale this weekend: Save on Apple MacBooks, Lenovo IdeaPads, Google Pixelbooks, and more

Laptop on the fritz? We got you. SEE ALSO: Best cheap laptops: 10 options for under $500 It's the freakin' weekend and that means another round of laptops have gone on sale. And as the end of summer and beginning of school crawls ever closer, you know retailers are starting to drop prices big timeAm...


Amazon is discounting Fire 7 Kids Edition tablets for a limited time

Kids aren't always the most trustworthy when it comes to taking care of their stuff. Whether it's toys or new phones, all of the stuff you give them should be considered at risk for damage. But don't worry, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is here to lower those stress levels when it comes to your chi...


Struggling Writer Shoots Himself in the Foot, and Then It Gets Worse

In the midst of #shareyourrejection, writers told stories of the many rejections they had on the road to success. This one took the cake. The outcome is so bad, we sort of hope this story itself is a work of fiction. Submitted by: Tagged: Sad , twitter , FAIL , writer , rejection , success...


Reckless Driver Learns His Lesson Through Creative Policing

While not illegal, this guy's impressive speeds were making this cop uneasy. The outcome certainly could have been worse. Submitted by: Tagged: britain , speeding , Ireland , story , mom , funny , police Share on Facebook


Over A Million People Agree With This Woman's Brutal Tumblr Thread About Divorce

Brace yourself, this one hits you right in the feels.  Submitted by: Tagged: marriage , thread , tumblr , divorce , social media Share on Facebook


26 Unexpected Ways Candidates Disqualified Themselves From Getting Jobs

Consider this a brutal rundown on how NOT to get yourself hired for that next job.  Submitted by: Tagged: job , cringe , Awkward , askreddit , ridiculous Share on Facebook


Parents Are Bonding Over This Devilish Toddler's Amazon Shopping Spree

This kid's going places. As it turns out plenty of toddlers out there possess a knack for hacking their parents' Amazon accounts.  Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , amazon , shopping , parenting , ridiculous , funny Share on Facebook


How The Affair's Ruth Wilson Actually Wanted Alison To Leave The Show

Ruth Wilson has shared how she wanted Alison to leave The Affair.

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