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We desperately wish this Olive Garden makeup palette was real

If there's one brand that could give Kyle Jenner a run for her Kylie Cosmetics money, it'd be the Olive Garden. (Have you seen the highlight on those breadsticks?) On Tuesday, the suburban purveyor of mediocre Italian food and legendary breadsticks appeared to take a small step into the world of mak...


MoviePass' rescue plan might do more harm than good

It seems like the beginning of the end for MoviePass, the company whose groundbreaking attempt to singlehandedly reinvogorate the movie exhibition business has all but gone down in flames. On Tuesday, MoviePass announced it would be increasing its monthly unlimited price to $14.95/month and also lim...


The KitchenAid professional stand mixer is now on sale for only $219 on Amazon

Everyone kneads needs a good stand mixer in the kitchen. Fortunately, this professional stand mixer from KitchenAid is the gold standard for beginners and experts alike. It's now on sale for just $219.00 on Amazon, or $171.99 off its retail price. SEE ALSO: People think this ad for pink kitchen gadg...


This 2015 mixtape predicted Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' engagement may have taken the world by storm, but it might just be fate. A mixtape from Srihari Sritharan a.k.a. Dr. Srimix predicted the celebrity pairing back in 2015 with a choice mashup. If these two are anywhere near as compatible as their songs, we bless the...


The Putin playing the piano meme is a source of constant joy

You can always count on the internet to concoct a beautiful meme — especially one that involves a widely disliked world leader.  Russian president Vladimir Putin with his shirtless horseback riding photos and likeness to Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort has always been ripe for interne...


17 Optically Challenging Pics of Weird Perspective

"Hold on a second, knees don't bend that way!" Submitted by: Tagged: pics , skydiving , Cats , optical illusion , funny , illusion , weird , win Share on Facebook


How Stephen King Feels About Hulu's Castle Rock

The King of Horror has some thoughts about the most anthologized take on his novels yet.


Stephen Colbert's Reaction To CBS Boss Les Mooves' Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Allegations of sexual misconduct have been leveled at Les Moonves, and Late Show host Stephen Colbert has weighed in.


This Is Us Creator Reveals How Long The Flash Forward Mystery Will Last

Dan Fogelman shed some more light on This Is Us upcoming future storyline.

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