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AI can predict your personality simply by scanning your eyes

Eyes really do tell a story. Using machine learning, earlier this year scientists discovered a connection between people's personalities and their eye movements. They then deployed artificial intelligence to track and analyze the eye movements of 42 students. They announced the results last week. Of...


Beyoncé's next 'Vogue' cover will be the first shot by a black photographer

Beyoncé herself took the reigns of this year's biggest issue of Vogue. As HuffPost reports, the singer pretty much replaced Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, securing control over the cover, certain photos, and captions in this year's September issue, the most anticipated issue of the year. SEE A...


Ryan Reynolds Delivers On Fan's Request For Yearbook Quote

Ryan Reynolds never lets us down. If he gives you a yearbook quote, you etch that sh*t into permanent existence. A wholesome interaction with wonderful results.  Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , yearbook , deadpool , superheroes , ryan reynolds , fans , yearbook quotes Share on Facebo...


Nagging Wife Worried About Son's Car Seat Safety Ends Up Being Alarmingly Right

Worried and overprotective moms are nagging for a reason!  Submitted by: Tagged: scary , surprising , kids , parenting , dangerous Share on Facebook


Flight Delayed

Submitted by: (via UnknownMisguidedFrenchbulldog) Tagged: Sad , stomp , FAIL , funny , airplane Share on Facebook


Adult Shares Hilariously Ruthless Review Of Children's Book

Children's books are filled to the brim with comical absurdity, and kids seem able to accept all of it.  Submitted by: Tagged: reviews , books , ridiculous , brutal , ruthless Share on Facebook


How Iron Fist 2 Might Help Fix Netflix's Biggest Marvel Issue

Iron Fist will be different from previous Marvel shows on Netflix in a way that good bode well for all the superhero series.


Andrew Lincoln Explains How Rough Things Are When The Walking Dead Season 9 Starts

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes won't be leaving a happily-ever-after world when Season 9 gets here.


Will And Grace Is Finally Giving Grace A New Boyfriend

Grace is getting some love when Will & Grace returns.


Love Island: Danny Dyer shares emotional video cheering on daughter Dani with wife Joanne Mas as he screams that she's 'won already'

Danny Dyer had a special message for his daughter [Danny Dyer/Twitter] Dani Dyer is in the final of Love Island alongside boyfriend Jack Fincham, and her beloved dad and professional hardman Danny Dyer has shared an emotional video as he cheers on his little girl.  Dani, 22, has bee...

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