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Summarizing movie plots in five words yields hilarious results

We live in a world where we can shorten entire statements into just a few emojis. But can the same be done with a few words and movies? The Academy Twitter account asked people to tweet the plot of their favorite movies in only five words. Movie buffs and random users alike rose to the challenge and...


Bigfoot porn searches spike after Republican candidate is accused of enjoying Bigfoot erotica

Few things are bigger than Bigfoot's, um ... appeal right now.  After Virginian Republican congressional candidate Denver Riggleman was accused of being a lover of Bigfoot erotica by his Democratic opponent Leslie Cockburn, searches for actual Bigfoot porn have skyrocketed. Pornhub reports that...


Struggling Mom Shares Uplifting Tale About Kindhearted Stranger

This will ignite your struggling faith in humanity. Goes to show we should never underestimate the kindness of strangers! Submitted by: Tagged: faith in humanity restored , conversation , parenting , texting , win Share on Facebook


Guy's Twitter Thread Of Trolling Dirtbag Journalist Is Trolling At Its Finest

Sometimes the stories that never make it to print, involve the most commendable acts of A+ trolling. Chris Bratt (a renowned gamer/YouTuber) took to Twitter to share his hilarious tale of trolling a journalist from The Daily Mirror, who published an article with the clickbait title to end all tit...


25 Brilliantly Outlandish Inventions by Bored Elon Musk

The parody account @BoredElonMusk is full of genius solutions to life's minor problems. Submitted by: Tagged: spacex , ideas , jokes , parody , elon musk , invention , brilliant , funny Share on Facebook


10 Cringe-Stained Moments That'll Stun You With Their Awkwardness

Tread lightly through this troubling collection of humanity putting on their most awkward show possible.  Submitted by: Tagged: wtf , cringe , Awkward , social media , weird Share on Facebook


14 Utter Liars Who Got Called out for Their Dishonest Ways

These folks pants are positively ablaze. It feels good to see them brought to justice. Submitted by: Tagged: quit your bullshit , FAIL , bullshit , lying , liars , social media Share on Facebook


Why Star Wars Rebels Didn't Show The Death Star In Season 4

Star Wars Rebels' final season came close to the Rogue One timeline, but the Death Star didn't appear. Here's why.


The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Describes How Season 5's Sherloque Wells Will Be Used

Tom Cavanagh shared a little about what we can expect from his brand new Wells character in Season 5.


A Real Housewife Of Orange County Peed Her Pants On The Show

We all know that some insane shenanigans are prone to happen on any of Bravo's Real Housewives shows, but one Real Housewife of Orange County just did the franchise proud by peeing her pants on camera.

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