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Tesla is selling $1,500 surfboards now, but they sold out instantly

Is Tesla taking merch too far? Elon Musk has a knack for selling weird branded merchandise that has nothing to do with what his companies actually do — remember The Boring Company's flamethrowers? Or the $400 leather jackets made from the same automotive grade leather that adorns Tesla interio...


Mark Hamill shared a nice post about Carrie Fisher in Star Wars and now we're crying again

Carrie Fisher has one, last ride to take in a galaxy far, far away and her big screen bro, Mark Hamill, is just as broken up about it as the rest of us. Star Wars fans the world over greeted Friday's news that Fisher would have a role in Episode IX with wistful excitement. We're all jazzed to see Le...


Terrifying first-person footage shows just how devastating the wildfires in Greece are

First-person footage of flames engulfing a neighborhood shows just how devastating the wildfires in Greece are.  A man trying to save his friend's cat caught the wildfire on video as it burned through the trees surrounding his home. Within the video's short span of time, just three-and-a-half m...


Girl Posts Picture of a Young Katy Perry On Facebook and Pretends It's Her Sister Who Died in 9/11

We can't even begin to imagine the thought process that leads to someone doing this kind of thing. It's utterly insane to even imagine making up a relative on social media, but trying to use that pretend relative in order to get sympathy and attention is just madness. This is just totally WT...


Confused John Mayer Asks Internet Why Garfield Hated Mondays So Much

Just so you guys know, John Mayer is hopelessly, miserably confused about Garfield and the character's outspoken hatred toward everything that is Mondays.  Submitted by: Tagged: Music , twitter , garfield , cartoons , funny , john mayer Share on Facebook


8 Savage Ways Cheaters Were Exposed For Being The Worst

When will cheaters ever learn that they're never going to win.  Submitted by: Tagged: savages , cringe , relationships , cheater , dating Share on Facebook


Furious Stranger in Wrong Number Text Comes out Swinging

Just cannot seem to take no for an answer. Submitted by: Tagged: wrong number , FAIL , text , phone , stranger , relationships , cheating , angry , funny Share on Facebook


17 Cursed Images To Fuel Your Crazy Cringe Binge

Brace yourself, these pics will make your soul wince.  Submitted by: Tagged: wtf , cringe , Awkward , cursed images , ridiculous , weird Share on Facebook


2018 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

All the big fall shows you're looking for are in this schedule. Don't miss out on all the premieres!


How Mayans MC Will Reference Sons Of Anarchy During Season 1 And Beyond

When Mayans MC starts, we shouldn't expect to see Jax Teller's ghost or anything, but Sons of Anarchy will live on in some ways.

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