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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Scores Franchise's Highest Opening

Mission: Impossible - Fallout easily won the box office this weekend, scoring the franchise's highest opening in the process. Debuting in 1996, the action series has aged like a fine wine. Six movies in, the property is stronger than ever, with many considering Fallout to be the greatest action...


11 Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Seriously, if you're not playing these games, what are you even doing with your life? View Entire Post ›


14 Abandoned Film Sets That Are Still Standing Today

I want to go play on, like, all of these. View Entire Post ›


22 Reasons I'm Obsessed With The Pacific Northwest And I've Never Even Been There

TBH I google Airbnbs in Oregon and Washington every night. View Entire Post ›


Girl Live-Tweets An Insane Meltdown After A Guy Broke Up With His Girlfriend Mid Flight

There's a time and place to discuss your relationship woes. Choosing an enclosed airplane at 30,000 feet in the air with no real escape plan is NEVER the way to go. Submitted by: Tagged: dating , FAIL , relationships Share on Facebook


Woman Buys Chair Off Amazon, Experiences Instant Regret For Not Reading Fine Print

You know we're suckers for the Amazon FAILs here, and this is one of the more entertaining ones we've seen in a while! Submitted by: Tagged: amazon , mistake , funny , regret Share on Facebook


People Are Freaking Out Over This Tweet About Outback Steakhouse Being Controlled By Satanic Cult

The old maps showing a 'questionable' placement of Outback Steakhouse establishments originated from a 2012 meme, which was seemingly shoved under the table or suppressed by someone powerful till now.... Submitted by: Tagged: twitter , wtf , reactions , ridiculous , satanic cult , funny , f...


26 Relatable Pics for the Hot and Bothered Summer Soul

These won't make you cooler but they'll at least provide some catharsis. Submitted by: Tagged: europe , hot , Heat , summer , heatwave , dogs , pets , cars , melt , ice , Cats , funny , roads Share on Facebook


Professor Loses It When Nobody Shows up To His Class Before Realizing He Made A Grave Mistake

He schooled himself on this one.  Submitted by: Tagged: FAIL , cringe , freakout , teacher , social media , ridiculous Share on Facebook


Nikki Bella Officially Cancels Wedding to John Cena Again: 'I've Ruined Everyone's Fairy Tale'

On Sunday’s Total Bellas season finale, WWE star Nikki Bella breaks off her engagement to John Cena for the second time — about a month before their wedding date. Five weeks before they’re set to exchange vows, Cena, 41, can’t make their final appointment...

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