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Meet the Beautiful Wives of 'Diesel Brothers' Stars Heavy D and Diesel Dave

The new season of Diesel Brothers premieres tonight — and fans may be surprised to know that behind the bearded stars of the Discovery Channel series Heavy D and Diesel Dave are their beautiful (and diesel-loving) wives. Diesel Brothers follows friends Dave Sparks and David Kiley, the fou...


Chrissy Teigen Reveals the Jealous 'Meltdown' She Endured After John Legend Shot a Music Video

When you're as successful, hilarious, gorgeous, and glamorous as Chrissy Teigen, it's difficult to imagine that there could be another human being on the planet that could truly make you jealous.Sure, maybe small human jealousy. Like for me, I see someone with a great head of hair and I'm like, "Oh...


This Homeless Guy Passed out Resumes Instead of Asking for Money to Find His Dream Job

David Casarez has a ton of experience in web development, a relatively in-demand field. He graduated from Texas A&M University. He is articulate and intelligent enough to piece together a resume that lists all of his skills and past work history.He was also out of a job, and fell on hard times....


12 People Whose Lives Were Shook by 23andMe

The at-home genetics and DNA testing kit known as 23andMe has been under some fire lately when users found out the company will be selling data to pharma moguls GlaxoSmithKline for the next four years. The deal will entitle GSK to comb through 23andMe's data to research new drugs to develop, as well...


This Reality Show Resulted in the Most Happy Relationships and It's Not 'The Bachelor'

It seems like there's a reality show for everything. Heck, there was even one about giving birth in the wild, and another dedicated to Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline's love life.So it comes as no surprise that there are reality TV shows orchestrating human circuses of love where individua...


Aquarium Each Month Picks The Naughtiest Penguin, And The “Crimes” Are Hilarious

Employees of National Aquarium of New Zealand got so sick and tired of penguins acting out that they decided to publicly shame them. The result is pure comedy gold.

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Magic Leap One Field of View Specs Finally Uncovered

In the lead up to the Magic Leap One launch, Magic Leap has been coy about what the actual field of view (FoV) is for its first commercial product. Now, a developer noticed that the client-side source code of the FoV documentation (published last month as a placeholder with the just the text "Comi...

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Magic Leap One's Battery Life, Memory Specs Revealed

Last week, Magic Leap gave us an additional peek at its Lumin OS and more tutorials that show how its device works with virtual content. But details about the hardware wasn't included in the array of new information. Now, thanks to a developer with a keen eye for source code, we have more informat...

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iOS 12 Beta 5 for iPhones Released to Apple Developers

Apple released the fifth developer beta for iOS 12 on Monday, July 30, only 13 days after the release of dev beta 4 and 12 days after public beta 3. Until this release, Apple kept a consistent two-week schedule for developer beta updates, so we were a little surprised to see this one drop one day e...

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