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A gadget that could help with car sickness is on sale for just $17

Motion sickness happens. And one thing that's certainly not making it better: Yucky car odors. You might accidentally leave your old, old fast food in the car and stink up the place. Or worse, you could rent a car only for it to smell of cigarettes. Yes, a bad odor can seriously make or break y...


This meme lets you envision weirdly specific versions of 'Queer Eye'

Maybe it's their sincerity, or maybe it's their unbridled passion for revamping someone's life, but there's just something about the Queer Eye Fab Five that makes them the perfect fodder for memes.  The latest asks people on Twitter to pitch their ideal version of the series. It's called the "Q...


A buff Abraham Lincoln lookalike joins the 'Street Fighter V' roster

What you doin', Street Fighter V? Starting on Monday, Aug. 6, two new Street Fighters are joining the latest game's roster: The classic muay thai brawler and M. Bison crony Sagat, and a mysterious newcomer called "G," aka the president of the world. A character profile video describes G thusly: "...


Overcome your fear of public speaking with this $19 online course

Learning to be a better public speaker won’t just help you get through a wedding speech or lead a presentation. It’s a valuable life skill that can make you more assertive, more engaging, and more socially confident in any setting. Think about it: if you can talk to hundreds of people wi...


Become the bee you were always meant to be in 'Bee Simulator'

What does it mean to be? Is it simply to live? To merely exist? Or is there something more? And what does it mean to be a bee? Well, with Bee Simulator, we will finally be able to put ourselves inside the mind of the humble bee and do all the things that bees need to do to survive in this world:...


15 Painful Times Obliviously Careless People Were Just The Worst

A whole lot of people taking up WAY TOO MANY seats here.  Submitted by: Tagged: struggle , cringe , Awkward , ridiculous , stupid Share on Facebook


William Shatner Is Pumped For Patrick Stewart's Star Trek Return

William Shatner is excited about Patrick Stewart's return to the franchise.


CBS Doesn't Think The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Will Be The Last Season

When will The Big Bang Theory end? It's a question that has been on a lot of minds as the show has aged on CBS.


Demi Lovato ‘checks into rehab’ after leaving hospital following overdose

Demi Lovato has reportedly entered rehab following her recent overdose [Getty] Demi Lovato has checked into a rehab facility after leaving hospital following an overdose, it has been reported. TMZ, who broke the news of the Cool For The Summer performer’s hospitalisation, claims that th...

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