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Which ABBA Song Describes Your Love Life?

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13 Celebrities Reveal What Their Real, Natural Hair Looks Like

Here's a look at what celebs' hair looks like under those wigs.Celebrities are definitely no strangers to wigs, extensions, and weaves. After having their real hair blowdried, bleached, and wrecked to death by stylists, many wear wigs to help minimize any further damage to their natural hair. So alt...

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How to Stop the Low Battery Warning Sound & Notification in Android 9.0

I don't know about you, but nothing is more annoying than when my phone hits 15% and I'm nowhere near a charger. Not just because I know my phone will die soon, but until I reach a charger, I have to deal with the annoying low battery notification and LED light. Well, with Android P, we finally can...

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Hacking macOS: How to Use One Tclsh Command to Bypass Antivirus Protections

Using Netcat to backdoor a macOS device has its short-comings. If the compromised Mac goes to sleep, the Netcat background process will occasionally fail to terminate correctly; This leaves Netcat running infinitely in the background and the attacker with no new way into the device. As an alternati...

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Ferrari Portofino European Roadshow

The European Roadshow of the Ferrari Portofino, an exclusive première that allowed the company’s most faithful fans and collectors to preview the dynamic qualities of the new car in preview, ended in Belfast. The event visited more than 16 countries and travelled along some of Europe’s most beautif...

Cars & Motorcycles

2019 Mercedes AMG C63 S - German Review

The Mercedes-AMG C-Class is the best-selling AMG model and has been re-sharpened as part of the current model budget. The new Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S now afford up to 476 and 510 hp respectively and have a lot to offer. The new AMG C-Class top model is available as saloon, convertible, coupé and...


Travis Scott Has Released A Statement Saying He Accepts Everyone After Being Accused Of Transphobia

"I want to use my voice to make it clear that everyone on this planet is as equal and fucking awesome to the next." View Entire Post ›

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