Weirdest Things People Have Found In Their Homes

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A whole bunch of crazy things in people’s houses that’s what! There are some cool, interesting finds on this list; there are also stomach churning, creepy things to be had. We’ll just skip the bull and get on with it already. Enjoy our list of Weirdest Things People Have Found in Their Homes.

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7. Ready for Anything
Imagine the fear you feel buying a home for the first time. Now imagine pairing that with the strange feeling you’d get when you move into that new house and find a whole arsenal of guns, ammunition, and even an old hand grenade. Not to mention, he found it all in a hidden room under the stairs that was blocked by a piece of plywood. He also found a bunch of random pre-1980 pennies, which are made of real copper and will still be worth something even if the dollar ever loses its value. What strange things to find in your first house; we’d be willing to bet he’ll make a fortune selling all of those guns and that surplus of ammunition, that is if they don’t get confiscated. Unless this guy is John Rambo, we’re assuming he doesn’t need all of those.

6. Oh! Well..
Colin and Vanessa Steer moved into their house in Plymouth, Devon 24 years before opening a well they found in their living room, as you can see in this picture. They lived over the creepy thing for two decades before inspecting it up and finding out what it was. That just sounds like they were asking for a little girl to crawl up out of their floor in the middle of the night. It turns out that the well dates back to at least the 16th century and when Mr. Steer dug only five feet into it, he found an old, medieval sword! He’s since installed lighting inside and a trap door to cover the top and says he loves having a piece of Plymouth’s history right in his own living room. Good luck with Samara, folks.

5. Many a Mural
A Guatemalan family decided it was time to replace the plaster in their home and when the homeowner, Lucas Asicona Ramirez, did so, he found a bunch of ancient Mayan murals hidden on the walls. His house in Cajul contained murals that were said to possibly represent “a so-called conquest dance.” Sadly, the paintings began to fade immediately from exposure to the air and archaeologists were forced to work quickly to uncover the meanings. Can you even imagine finding a bunch of old artwork in your home? It’d sure save you from having to spend a chunk of money at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. I love those stores.

4. Briefcase Bounty
Eyooo, Cleveland. A couple who moved into their house in 2016 found quite the fantastic thing stuffed up in the ceiling of their basement: a 1950’s briefcase packed with $23,000! Hallelujah! The old bills—20’s, 50’s, and 100’s—were wrapped in wax paper alongside a newspaper dated March 25, 1951. They contacted their lawyer to see if they’re able to keep the money and say that, if given the green light, they will use it toward paying off their mortgage. Alright, how fair is that? Where’s my fairy frickin’ godmother with my suitcase full of money? Man, I’m stuck just reporting these kinds of stories to you for my survival. If I found a briefcase full of money I could, uh, nothing, nevermind. Please let me keep my job.

3. Irish Dungeon
A Reddit user from Ireland recently moved into an apartment in Leamington Spa and got a little more than what was specified in the lease. A dungeon beneath his floorboards that contains a few passageways and rooms. What a weird thing to find underneath where you have to sleep at night. Hopefully, the dungeon isn’t haunted, and no one else has access to the place. Sounds like an excellent way to wake up with a creepy Old Gregg-looking dude doing unspeakable things in the corner as he watches you sleep. We suggest you move out, Mr. Irishman. We know you probably don’t want to be playing love games with a scaly man-fish anytime soon. I’m Old Gregg!

2. Yeah, No.
A Good Friday celebration led the Farla family into inebriation and the discovery of an old chapel just through a metal grate on their floor. They found a fallen, wooden cross sitting in the center of the room, and when most would have left and had themselves re-baptized, the finders stayed and explored onward. They found a chest full of bottles and newspapers that dated back to the 1930’s. They then found a staircase that led up into the back of a cupboard in their living room. The family says they believe they might have released a ghost or spirit when they made the discovery, as when they went back upstairs they took a picture of the son's pregnant girlfriend and an orb appeared on her stomach in the photograph. Good luck, Farla’s! We’ll be waiting for the horror movie about your household to hit theaters in the coming years! I can see it now: Paranormal Activity: Drunken Idiots Explore a Basement Chapel and Release Baby-Loving Demons. Nope.