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We Could Back Up The Entire Internet On A Gram Of DNA

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Nature's code for life is stored in DNA, but what if we could code anything we wanted into DNA? Scientists are figuring out how.

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Gold 'DNA Nanowires' Could Power Genetic Computers
"A team of scientists in Germany, including Bezu Teschome and Artur Erbe of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, are working toward that goal. They've found a way to coat DNA-based nanowires in gold and conduct electricity. Their tiny, proof-of-concept wires could lead to DNA circuits and genetic computers that self-assemble from the molecule up."

Soon you'll be backing up your hard drive using DNA
"Now, a team of Harvard and Johns Hopkins geneticists has developed a new method of DNA encoding that makes it possible to store more digital information than ever before. We spoke with lead researcher Sriram Kosuri to learn why the future of archival data storage is in genetic code, and why his team's novel encoding scheme represents such an important step toward harnessing DNA's vast storage potential."

Using Synthetic Biology to Engineer Membrane Proteins
"Synthetic DNA libraries have been used for many years to generate multiple versions of proteins to test. Researchers can order variant libraries containing many different sequence combinations to explore the possibility of improving the binding properties of antibodies or the catalytic activities of enzymes."


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