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Top 20 Ways You Can Read Others Through Body Language

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There are some sneaky ways how to interpret and read other people's body language. Here are a few best ways of reading body language and examples of how their body language might be giving the game away.
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Be Amazed at… The jutted chin - The jutted chin, or sticking your chin out, is a sign of men with a little bit more testosterone than normal . Sucked in lips - Occasionally, we’ll see a politician or famous figure have to acknowledge their wrong doing. The handshake - You’ve probably been told all your life that a strong handshake is important when making a first impression and there is some truth in that. Eyebrow movement - We often have no idea what we’re doing with our eyebrows. Steepled fingers - How do you know that someone is interesting, intelligent and supremely confident? The power pose - This is one that works not just in social situations but outside of them too. Shrinking - A lot of the time people will try and hide the fact that they are uncomfortable in a social situation, particularly if this discomfort is caused by shyness. Showing your palms - If you really want people to remember a speech you’re about to give, make sure to get your hands and even your palms out. Fuller lips - If you’re sitting opposite someone and wondering if now is, finally, the time to lean in for that kiss, well the clue is in his or her lips. Looking left or right - We often assume someone looking away from us is a sign of shiftiness. Covering your mouth - Whether we’re playing a game of poker or, the more complicated, game of life, we’d all like a sure fire way to know whether the person we’re talking to is lying or not. Following your gaze - If you sense a conversation about politics is on the horizon you’ll want to know just what way your companion butters their bread. Blinking - Another example of how to tell if someone is really attracted to you once again focuses on their eyes. In this case, though, it’s to do with blinking. Hidden hands - Insecure people will often do what they can to hide the fact that they might be a little bit insecure. Of course, like with everything else, their bodies will give them away. Baby cradling - Whether you’re aware of it or not, most of us will cradle a baby in our right arm, so when you notice someone who is holding a baby with their left arm it might mean something is wrong. Feet - Most of us are aware that our body language can give us a way, so we will do what we can to hide how we’re feeling. Fidgeting - There might be some obvious ways to tell how rich someone is, such as how expensive their watch is, or how much of a suit they’re wearing. Dilating pupils - If you’re with an introvert who just plain refuses to express how they're feeling then take a look at their eyes. Leg spreading - One of the more annoying aspects of commuting to work is sitting beside a male leg spreader. Mirroring the other person - Have you ever noticed someone copying your body language? For instance, when you cross your legs, they cross their legs.

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