Top 10 Absolute Worst Anime of All Time

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00:26 #10. “Musashi Gundou” (2006)
01:09 #9. “Zaizen Jotaro” (2006)
01:52 #8. “Wounded Man” (198688)
02:25 #7. “Superior Defender Gundam Force” (2004)
03:06 #6. “Generation of Chaos” (2001)
03:52 #5. “Vampire Holmes” (2015)
04:24 #4. “Psychic Wars” (1991)
05:06 #3, #2, #1: ????

These anime series are garbage. Trash. The worst of the worst. Bad. But lets watch them anyway. Look out for shows like Mars of Destruction, Pupa, De:vadasy, and Skelter+Heaven to appear along the way. Sure shows like Sword Art Online, Naruto and Bleach have their haters, but compared to these they're absolute masterpieces. So sit back and countdown the most terrible anime of all time with us.

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