Of Course Game of Thrones’ Most Eventful Episode Yet Had the Best Memes

Of Course Game of Thrones’ Most Eventful Episode Yet Had the Best Memes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones reunion special was exploding with action.

Arya and Sansa finally reunited, Bran Stark and Littlefinger had an appropriately cryptic conversation and Jon Snow took Daenerys to a cave-like situation, but for war purposes. In “The Spoils of War,” Dany rode in on her Lannister army-barbecuing dragon for a truly epic curtain-dropping battle. And the story introduced a new fan-favorite character: Dickon Tarly. As always, the internet quickly turned the episode’s most significant — and hilarious moments into memes.

Here were the absolute best jokes of the night.

Poor Jaime has so many problems:

Did Jaime just quote Biggie Smalls? "Mo money, mo problems" #ThronesYall #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/6KQJ0o5DHT

— Jessica T. Baby 🌟 (@Bama_Jess) August 7, 2017

Jamie when the dragon comes #gameofthroness7ep4 pic.twitter.com/9PS550vtau

— Troy Bowman (@ndtroyb) August 7, 2017

Littlefinger pretending he cares about Bran, who is all “right, sure:”

This scene between Bran and Littlefinger is one big "Who is creepier" competition. #GameofThrones #GoTS7 pic.twitter.com/i4j43LZCu1

— ReallyRick (@ReallyRicks) August 7, 2017

Bran: chaos is a ladder
Littlefinger: #gots7 pic.twitter.com/xH2AGEn0dU

— queenoflove&b❄❄ty (@liesandarbor) August 7, 2017

Littlefinger is terrible a gift-giving. #gots7

— Brienne of Tarth (@BeautyBrienne) August 7, 2017

Littlefinger: watch me outwit this creepy little boy
Bran: chaos is a ladder
Littlefinger: time to pack up, bye fam! #GameOfThrones

— ape ensue (@motelsonthemoon) August 7, 2017

Bran: Chaos is a ladder
Littlefinger: pic.twitter.com/U7DwvSUFJe

— Mike Brett (@actualmikebrett) August 7, 2017

Arya is home! Starks are together!

STARKS SISTERS REUNITING!!!!!! #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/DZ52PpyDLZ

— Joe Lee (@Joeleesun) August 7, 2017

"Arya, Bran's home too…just don't talk to him for prolonged periods of time."#GameOfThrones #ThronesYall @HBO

— TheDoctorIsIn🏳️‍🌈 (@Ochan30) August 7, 2017

These Stark children being together after all this time is giving me all the feels! #GameOfThrones #ThronesYall

— DJ Taz (@asburyberet) August 7, 2017

Emo Jon Snow:

"My sad face brings all the girls to the yard
And they're like
Dragon glass is yours"#GameOfThones #GoTS7 pic.twitter.com/UvUcvPTg92

— idspispopd 😈 (@Bhaal_Spawn) August 7, 2017

The way Jon Snow produced the conveniently ominous receipts by showing Dany those cave drawings:

Jon Snow brought Dany to the caves for an expose #gameofthrones pic.twitter.com/h3kx06Celd

— allyson #BB19 (@xoxofeedsters) August 7, 2017

Jon Snow's hands 5 mins before asking Dany into that cave: #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/xa5XPuF16d

— Heather Snowden (@heathbetweetin) August 7, 2017

Jon Snow: Dany, look! Cave paintings proving we must fight the common enemy!
Jon, 30 minutes earlier: pic.twitter.com/SOohCw0UQm

— Michael Thebridge (@livefrommelbs) August 7, 2017

Jon snow in the cave before he invited Dany in #ThronesYall #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/PhBRzlE2u4

— okayKAIO (@OKAYkaio) August 7, 2017

Tyrion: she needs proof
Jon: okkkk
#GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/KOyY58neCh

— 🍍 (@Liloo107) August 7, 2017

Dany’s ultimatum:

😭 RT @SerLlorah: -Hello, who´s this?
-Ben who?
-Ben D. Knee pic.twitter.com/BjhM3FDcfD

— Alejandro NIGlesias (@AlejandroDaGr8) August 6, 2017

Bran’s casual reaction to Meera’s departure:

"I almost died for you."
Bran: #GameofThrones #ThronesYall pic.twitter.com/tXUIatcjhQ

— Whit (@I_Slayy) August 7, 2017

"Hodor died for you!" #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/f4dDdkvPTJ

— masc potatoes (@CertifiedFool_) August 7, 2017

Jon’s return to a cave with a woman:

Jon Snow and Dany inside a cave. 😏😏😏 Boy oh boy oh boy #gameofthrones #GameOfThronesLeak pic.twitter.com/AwQxP1ZYN5

— dana 🦄 (@danaamazona) August 4, 2017

I'd be careful, Dany. Jon Snow cannot be trusted in a cave.#GameOfThrones #GoTS7 pic.twitter.com/GGidG0saCE

— Bran Stark. 🐺 (@Greenseer_Bran) August 7, 2017

Jon Snow: "Hey Dany! @emiliaclarke you know, last time I was in a cave with a woman 😬 @GameOfThrones #GameOfThones #WinterIsHere pic.twitter.com/fbsOhPBQwy

— poptart (@PoptartGeisha) August 7, 2017

Dany truly is strong, we all know what happened the last time we saw Jon Snow in a cave #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/UymbMqcS9M

— John (@CitadelInsider) August 7, 2017

Dany and Missandei having some girl talk:

#GameofThrones #ThronesYall
Dany: what happened between you and Grey Worm
Missandei: ~*~many things~*~ pic.twitter.com/utdcevd7WR

— ThronesYall (@ThronesYall) August 7, 2017

Team Targaryen assembled in goth getup looked a lot like a band:

Team Targaryen looking like they're about to drop the heaviest album of the decade #GameOfThronesS7 pic.twitter.com/ebJ1hEx4AQ

— T.J. Spaleny (@tspaleny7) August 7, 2017

Out of all the Starks, Sansa had a practical but perhaps less cool priority:

*Jon is a zombie*
*Arya is a ninja*
*Bran is literally god*
Sansa: "We have to make sure we have enough grain"

— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) August 7, 2017

Brienne v. Arya is the badass fight we didn’t know we needed:

All that ass kicking got Arya out here looking like Neo #DemThrones #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/13akI8fTGr

— Lady Ro (@WhoDatLadyRo) August 7, 2017

Arya fight scene OMG and Sansa face priceless jealousssss….. "Lady Stark who" #AryaStark is back #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/uAsoPwbmM6

— kιtã™ (@nakitabernard) August 7, 2017

Arya and Brienne just had the same thought #thronesyall pic.twitter.com/PIarPhc41h

— Checo (@ChecoRepublic) August 7, 2017

The episode gifted us with the perfect GIF:

Deleting emails on Monday morning pic.twitter.com/LTgVJAwFMa

— Patrick Claybon (@PatrickClaybon) August 7, 2017

tfw you're way too fired up after #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/OZKXNq7aC1

— Jenna Amatulli (@ohheyjenna) August 7, 2017

Me, when one tiny thing goes wrong in my life #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/bs6dOQjiXJ

— Rachel Paige (@rachmeetsworld) August 7, 2017

Davos sees all:

How about Dany trying to get the Greyworm scoop from Missandei & Ser Davos telling Jon he's seen him looking at Dany's heart. #gameofthrones

— Her Philly (@HerPhilly) August 7, 2017

the highlight of the episode for me was Davos teasing Jon about him checking out Dany😂 #SirDavosShipsIt #GameOfThrones #GOTS07E04 #GoTS7

— LORE (@Loregranger) August 7, 2017

Davos had some of my favorite lines and Jon, hey, sweetie THERE IS PLENTY OF TIME TO LOOK AT DANY'S "HEART." pic.twitter.com/yUD4qPbNzp

— Emily Kelley 🎮 (@thatemilykelley) August 7, 2017

Theon and Jon meeting again: It’s on.

Theon got off the boat and saw Jon on the beach like… pic.twitter.com/aEvfjpNG4g

— Evan (@evanlefft) August 7, 2017

Theon Greyjoy seeing Jon Snow like #GameOfThones #ThronesYall pic.twitter.com/yK8SMQM5MA

— hill_uh_ree (@HillaryKathleen) August 7, 2017

Jaime v. Dany and her dragon:

me when jamie though he could jus charge khaleesi like dat??? #GameOfThones pic.twitter.com/YHmYLnJ3QR

— Mackenzie Ellor (@princess_merk) August 7, 2017

When they go low, we blow fire. #ThronesYall #DemThrones #GamesOfThrones #GoT pic.twitter.com/Dhfv6kVU0P

— Chelsea Whitaker (@chelseadee310) August 7, 2017

But the real MVP had to be Bronn who came through with jokes and the rescue:

Jamie really got to give my son a castle now #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/u0xFBuBbNT

— Shavante (@im_diffferent) August 7, 2017

Biggest casualty of the episode was Bronn losing his bag of gold. #DemThrones

— Rod (@rodimusprime) August 7, 2017

bronn the one true king don't @ me

— Greg Howard (@greghoward88) August 7, 2017

Bronn with the biggest and clutchest save in #GameOfThrones history wow pic.twitter.com/yh89azha6W

— Julian (@JuLiaNs_World) August 7, 2017

Bronn deserves a castle for being the best bro at all times. He's so clutch. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/Dow4jjfLWo

— Kyle O'Connor (@KyleThatKyle) August 7, 2017

Shoutout to Bronn using valuable dragonslaying arrows to kill one Dothraki in the most gratuitous way possible.

— RONIN_ (@wayofthe_ronin) August 7, 2017

The passage of time was marked by the size of the Dracarys.

Dracarys 🔥#GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/vmfgVpf7W7

— ninguem (@lobosemnome) August 7, 2017

STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/Dx1chK9mxU

— Chelsea Anderson (@chelseasometime) August 7, 2017

Damn, time flies. #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/miEPNG8Nyk

— ⓂⓂ (@MateoMoreno1) August 7, 2017

When Dracarys hit the scene, it was mind-blowing:

Dracarys! Dracarys on your whole family! Dracarys on you! Dracarys on your cow! #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/f6Xu9tcHva

— Elise Mesa (@elisemesa) August 7, 2017


— Ant 🐧🍍 (@CLAntarctica) August 7, 2017

Dany: Dracarys

GoT Fans: #GamesOfThrones #GoTS7 pic.twitter.com/3ce1JkzvbT

— machu (@ohohmatteo) August 7, 2017

This is me when queen dany says dracarys #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/Bt0Rrg2Qqk

— Qarina J. (@qarinajakaria) August 7, 2017

Me when Danaerys said "Dracarys" #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/oWJwcodhQG

— Vicki Schwoebel (@the_victorious) August 7, 2017

Olenna Tyrell (RIP) was invoked numerous times:

Olenna's spirit watching Daenerys be a dragon all over the Lannister army #GameOfThrones #Dracarys pic.twitter.com/fkN8ArlC0j

— KT (@nxsaranger) August 7, 2017