Ghacks Deals: The Four Volume Cyber Security Bundle (92% off)

Ghacks Deals: The Four Volume Cyber Security Bundle (92% off)

The Four Volume Cyber Security Bundle is an eLearning course divided into four volumes covering network security, stopping hackers, anonymous browsing, and end point protection.

As far as specs are concerned, all courses are designed for users of all experience levels and access is granted for life.

Here is an overview of the included volumes:

  • Cyber Security Volume I: Hackers Exposed -- Learn How to Stop Hackers, Prevent Tracking, & Counter Government Surveillance

  • Cyber Security Volume II: Network Security -- Discuss Network Security, Firewalls, & Learn the Best Password Managers On the Market

  • Cyber Security Volume III: Anonymous Browsing -- Dive Into Anonymous Browsing, Hiding IP Addresses, Hacker OPSEC, & More

  • Cyber Security Volume IV: End Point Protection -- Learn About Application & Execution Control, Disk Encryption, & Antivirus Protection

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A bit more information on what is covered:

  • Explore the Darknet, malware, exploit kits, phishing, zero day vulnerabilities, & more

  • Learn about global tracking & hacking infrastructures that nation states run

  • Understand the foundations of operating system security & privacy functionality

  • Get a crash course on encryption, how it can be bypassed, & what you can do to mitigate risks

  • Architect your network for maximum security & prevent local & remote attacks

  • Understand the various types of firewalls available, including layer 4 firewalls like Iptables & PF

  • Use tools like Wireshark, Tcpdump, & Syslog to monitor your network

  • Analyze the strengths & weaknesses of anonymity services like Tor, VPNs, proxy servers, OPSEC, I2P, & much more

  • Explore chaining & nesting anonymizing services together to provide layers of obfuscation

  • Cover bypassing censors, firewalls, & proxies

  • Master the selection & implementation of solid disk encryption technology

  • Understand the current & next gen antivirus solutions, how they work, & how to select the best products

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