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ARCore 101: How to Create a Mobile AR Application in Unity, Part 2 (Setting Up the Framework)

With the software installation out of the way, it's time to build the framework within which to work when building an augmented reality app for Android devices. The journey to learn how to develop software can be a long and tough road. Fortunately, software developers, in ways dissimilar to other...

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Google Chrome 101: How to Play the Hidden Dinosaur Mini-Game on Your iPhone or Android Phone

While having no internet connection is definitely a bad thing when you need it, you can at least bide your time until you're back online with a hidden Easter egg inside of the Google Chrome browser. This gem unlocks a secret side-scrolling game that can keep you busy during your downtime. Just lik...

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How to Easily Generate Hundreds of Phishing Domains

A convincing domain name is critical to the success of any phishing attack. With a single Python script, it's possible to find hundreds of available phishing domains and even identify phishing websites deployed by other hackers for purposes such as stealing user credentials. Dnstwist, created by @...

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Can't Pick Up the Weapon You Want in PUBG? Turn Off This Setting

Scavenging for weapons and supplies in PUBG adds to the element of excitement and dread of the unknown. But this feeling can quickly turn into annoyance as you attempt to swap your weapon for a better one on the ground, only to automatically pick up the gun you just dropped again. As great as PUBG...

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3 Ways to Get Around Google's Uncertified Device Ban

Google has started blocking certain devices from accessing the Google Play Store and other Google services. This is part of an effort to clamp down on OEMs that skirt its certification requirements, but now millions of phones have been uncertified to download or update Google apps. Fortunately, the...

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How to clean your records to keep them looking and sounding sweet

Vinyl records are back in a big way, but the sound quality can suffer if you don't keep them clean. Check out our tips for keeping your vinyl and stylus immaculate, so you can hear every breath of your favorite tunes. The post How to clean your records to keep them looking and sounding sweet appeare...

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Try These 5 Hot New Snapchat Lenses This Weekend — The Zucc, PUBG Helmet & More

Spring is finally here (in earnest now), and a new batch of great augmented reality Snapchat lenses have come along with it. New life has been breathed into meme culture with the spring lineup of TV shows, Mark Zuckerberg's ongoing investigation, and college kids with too much time on their hands....

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Market Reality: Snapchat Does E-Commerce, Renault Drives into Star Wars AR & Christie's Taps Wealthy Art Buyers via AR

It doesn't matter how cool or groundbreaking a particular technology is, if it doesn't offer the promise of big returns on investments, you'll have trouble drawing interest from both Silicon Valley and Wall Street. That's why we're increasingly seeing existing augmented reality players doing everyt...

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Apple Rumored to Break Update Cycle Record with iOS 12 on the iPhone 5S

With each year that we anxiously await Apple's next big version of iOS, there comes the sad reality that the eldest iPhones will not continue to receive support. That might not be the case with iOS 12, however, as rumors assert the software will be compatible with all iPhones currently running iOS...

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15 PUBG Tips & Tricks to Help You Dominate the Battlefield on Mobile

PUBG is currently taking the mobile world by storm, and it's easy to see why. The game has breathed much-needed life to the multiplayer shooting genre, primarily by adding an element of sheer terror as you scavenge for weapons in a hostile environment. With new players continually joining in on the...

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