Accident Video: World’s Most Dangerous Profession – Modeling

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  • Chris W.

    Very illuminating, and a bit revolting on the human perspective. Even though I’m a guy and I am sometimes a slave to my hormones, I don’t like a profession that treats women like commodities.

    I wanted to punch that one guy in the video when he was talking about how the girls should walk. I wanted to say: “Fuck you, dude! Why don’t YOU put on those outfits and the high heels and try walking NORMALLY!? Oh wait… you’d like that too much!”

    You run a good blog, BTW… you should respond more often, though.

  • djStelios

    @Chris W.: You have a point, especially when you’re saying “a profession that treats women like commodities”. Unfortunately for women, the choice of this profession, generally, is not for the sake of livelihood, but for the fulfill of their personal vanity. From this point of view, they put thereselfs at this position, they are payed for this and they are responsible to do it right!

    Thank you for the remark. You’re right. I don’t respond often for two reasons.
    A wise man said “I regretted many times that I spoke, but Ι never regretted for staying in silence”. This is the first reason.
    The second reason, is my poor knowledge of English grammar. I don’t have the same fluency as my native language and it’s not always easy for me to express my thoughts as I would.

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