Music Gadget: Retro iPod Boombox Brings the 80’s and 00’s Together

Sometimes bigger really is better. And when it comes to rocking the block with the hottest new banger, this iPod Boom Box is the biggest. Just released, is Lasonic’s truly retro iPod which brings back memories of break dancing and head bands. Retro good looks combine with serious hi-fi technology to provide an unmatched all-in-one portable system.

You can place your iPod into the spring loaded door and adapters are included for the Nano, Mini, and older generations. You can control the iPod by buttons on the front panel and there is also USB Flash drive support, and a SD/MMC card slot for additional MP3 playback. The boombox also features 20 FM and 20 AM preset stations, EQ adjustment, inputs for microphones and even some Karaoke features.

So for $200 I dare you to prop this thing on your shoulder and start bopping your head down the street.


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    This iPod Boom Box is the biggest.It comes to rocking the block

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