Spicy Videos: Farang Ding Dong Girls

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  • http://jamo.wz.cz jan

    Indeed they are fake. The people are capable of doing things, that we sometime just cannot accept. And this is one of them. Could someone just have true sexy feelings from fake pics? No!

  • someone else

    They are fake? Seriously? We all know this but do not care. Let’s point out the obvious here. You don’t like it, why spend your time looking at it to point it out to everyone? Dude even went to the trouble of uploading the vids which just means he has them downloaded to his computer.

  • Parmon

    Yes the biggest girls looked fake to me on the You Tube, there is something about them not right but I dont know what it is. The smaller girls are sexy and there tits seem more wobbly in their tops then the really huge girls.

  • http://None Tamar

    Tamar Returns! Hi and how is everybody here, sure seems like everybody left has anything changed with those FDD mystery girls? What has been happening? My tits are nearly as huge as
    them! Mine are 125WWW. If anybody wants some pics then you can e-mail me at Docsampson76@hotmail.com Hope to hear from somebody here soon! There are not very many here. See Ya!


  • Jan2

    OK this is not jan but id like 2 leave this for her….. some indead are fake very very fake but spending time 2 post them hurts fdd and there is no reason 2 stop there flow of cash… so ur really just being a “Hater”

  • hazmat

    they are not fake. they eat herbs that induce breast growth is all… yes its out there me and my girlfriend wanted to know asked a doctor and well we got some… i havent been happier haha… its really awesome

  • frank

    Relply to hazmat: So whats this stuff called. Also put up a pic of your girlfriend

  • http://--------------------------------- Noel

    Hi Tamar. Wow cool 125 www . whovever your man is, hes one lucky guy

  • Thomas

    I agree with the unnamed individual stepping in for Jan. Seriously, …who cares if its real or not. I personaly believe its fake, but hey, who says i know everything? The important point is as it was so well put earlier, if its not your thing, dont bother to view it. As the old joke goes, “Hey doc, it hurts when i go like this” (flailing arm about), doc relpies, “then dont go like this” (also flailing arm about). Obviously everyone of us that have commented here were intriqued enough by this to look at it further, and speaking for myself, i feel it caters to alot of mens fantasys, myself included. But fantasys are just that, …fantasys. If someone found a way to make money from catering to those fantsys, i say god bless them, i wish i had thought of it. With that said, …i do believe that Hazmat is full of it. As Frank said, whats this magical stuff called? And why arent we seeing you on an infommercial at 3am getting rich from your discovery? Please… dont insult our intelligence.


    What Herbs they eat? I really want to know? Someone can tell me?

  • Whatever

    They’re obviously fake. And if they aren’t, then they need to make a video of them taking off their top with no bra. Now, I sorta like them, but I prefer the Mastasia girls. They do this better, they’re still fake, but still…

  • http://N/A Harold Duplain

    If they’re real, why don’t those girls take their tops off in those sex videos when the guy is masturbating on them?

  • JackLine

    They’re costumed breast. Notice how there is NO video with them actually showing their tits? Also, just because you get your tits done doesn’t make your nipples larger. Any of the videos where you see these chicks have sex is always with some guy who’s using a ridiculous stunt cock at a camera angle that hides everything.

  • king-ah

    I like them. I don’t care if they are fake or not. As long as they aren’t natural (big natural tits = floppy fat bags) it’s all good.

    I don’t understand the hatred towards fake boobs. They are the most perfect thing out there. The bigger the better. And there is no top limit to size.

  • VIsitor

    Let’s be honest. “Fake tits” are the breasts of most pornstars. Enlarged, but they are still breasts.
    These “farang tits” are not even breasts. They are latex balloons. If they were real, those tiny girls would not be able to lift their weight. Their skeleton would suffer from serious pains.
    Look at them how they are walking normally and their breasts bounce like they have no weight at all.

  • therefake

    duh they never take there shirt off

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