Spicy: Doda Elektroda – Playboy Genius!

Dorota Rabczewska (nicknamed Doda or Doda Elektroda; born February 15, 1984 in Ciechanów, Poland) is a famous Polish singer and she’s a real genius.

To put this in perspective the average person has an IQ between 85 and 115. Someone possessing an IQ lower than 70 is said be mentally retarded while persons with IQ’s above 130 are said to be of superior intellect. Our blond singer here, well back in 2004 she apparently took the Mensa exam and scored a staggering IQ of 156, just shy of the 160 score it’s believed Albert Einstein would have scored.

Doda Elektroda

Doda Elektroda is not only smart, she was voted #2 most beautiful woman in Poland – yeah, I know, there had to be something wrong with her! She is a singer and also a model.

  • http://doda-elektroda-virgin.blogspot.com/ Doda Rabczewska fun

    She is beautiful.

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