Gross: Home Cyst Removal from Neck

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  • Flac

    Damn, I should’ve listened to you.

  • Annie

    Tried to find somthing for my hubby. He had this, went to dermatologist yesterday. I HOPE this poor guy got to a doctor. It is a cyst, but by squeezing it, the cyst wall broke and is infected. Put my hubby on antibiotics, and if it is healed in a month, the cyst will have to be removed surgically. That’s what was connected. I can’t stop thinking about this guy and hope he followed up with a doctor. This was unbelievable. Somebody better have hugged him after the pain he must have been in. The dermatologist shot a couple of injections of lanicane (I think) to numb the area and used a surgical blade for the incisions to get the nasty stuff out. Good luck.
    Stay well,

  • Doc HM3 USN

    As 30 years in EMS, and as a Navy Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman with the USMC in the 70’s, I can say that was pretty big…. After I got out sometime in the early 90′, I took one out of a guys cheek that took over 2 days to get it all out. It smaelled so bad I had to vomit twicw. It was almost the size of a baseball, and he had no med insurance to cover it- So I did it. He looked like a diff. dude!

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