It’s Real? Man Being Eaten By Lions

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  • Cyn

    Please take this off your website. This is not entertaining.

  • Cyn

    Yes, now doubt this video will deter people from getting out of there cars whilst lion-watching, however, using the term ‘educational’ might be a stretch.

    I guess, in this case, I’m thinking about the man’s family and how they must feel that their recorded terror is being used on a so-called ‘educational’ video.

    I think there are other, more humane, ways to educate the public on the dangers of lion-watching.

  • Colin

    It’s not supposed to be entertaining. It’s educational.

  • archduke

    looks fake to me – probably from a horror film.

    note how there are no park rangers with guns.

  • smoke

    “note how there are no park rangers with guns”

    What makes you think it was in a park?

  • http://Notnice John McGrath

    You should take this off you website it is sick. Think about the little baby and his brother in the car. How would you feel if it was your family.

    I think you would not be happy

  • em

    i dont think its real, if you were filming something like that you wouldnt film the family in the car one by one youd be too shocked to film anything else except what the lions were doing it seems made up and the lions eating the guy at the end looks fake. sorry to disapoint you.

  • Wiza

    This is a fake picture….I kno how lions attack with just one blow that man would have been flat on the ground.The lions r playing with him u could see it.And one thing is that if the animal was wild then the first thing ,it will aim for the neck to make its pray die first…
    The other man came out of the car to chase the lions….lol is it possible??

  • me

    There is actually video floating around that was taken from the dead guys camera. The lioness that ran off with it was shot and killed so that the camera could be recovered and it shows him taping a male lion eating a large animal. This guy walks right up to it thinking that nothing would happen, as if there might not be several other hungry lions waiting to get a piece; it is quite real.
    I haven’t seen the entire video, but there is also footage of the lions dragging him further away, ripping out his intestines and then rangers showing up; it’s a lot worse than this one. It doesn’t show much interaction between the rangers and the family other than them carrying this guy away in what appears to be a white bed sheet.

  • http://where SS

    where can I see that video

  • Sean Abbs

    complete fake, i work as a vet in a big cat sanctuary and this is not the behaviour of wild lions killing. Apart from the very obvious questions posed by the camerawork, you have to see the lack of urgency on the lions behalf. So ‘educational’ ‘voyeuristic’ or just plain daft this video does not deserve the attention its etting.

  • Jay

    To all that think it is fake … You’re idiots, especially the ones who try to act like they are lion experts… please.

    Anyway, I have included the rest of the video.

  • shane nugget

    dude thats horrible

  • the lion eater




  • Luke

    Ok the other video footage along with this one is on search lion attacks i was watchin them yesterday u may av to sign up for it cuz its sick so they dont want kids seein it, but its the one of the bloke filmin the lion eatin sumthing and the rangers turnin up!

  • Luke

    And if ur sayin ur an expert and tht lions dont attack like that i think u will find it is impossible to know wot the lions or anyother animal is thinking at the time if u go to youtube u will even see a real video of a zebra tryin to drown a lion people would of said thts imposible but remember this is fkin wild killing macines they do wot they gota do and they do it how they want to u cnt say they wont attack like tht and they do not go for the neck first the grab wot they can!

  • Luke

    There is even a video of a animal expert feedin lions then they jump an start eatin him! but he survives it, i do agree the video on here do look fake cuz of the filmin all the kids an tht! if my mate was gettin eaten wouldnt u start the car up and tried runnin them over? surely gettin hit with a car is better than eaten by lions..

  • Alex

    You lot are wired just watch the film then go if you dont like it.
    stop complaining1

  • SKKK

    this is real thing. But his family could save his life. just start the cars engine and drive closer to the lions and the lions will run away. as you see the end of the video the lions run away when cars arrive. but too late to save that man live.

  • shaf

    You guys are hilairious (probs spely that wrong) keep up the slanging matchs, oh yeah and the vid is real, its a real video of a fake lion attack.. the other dudes right, for those who watched in and are comlaining…what did you think you were gonna see???…idiots..oh dear have entered the slanging match

  • Dan

    The full version shows a lot more, I think it would be pretty hard to fake your intestings being pulled out by wild animals. If you realy dont like the video why would you watch it in the first place, we are all as curious as each other. Anyway, what the f**k did he think would happen getting that close to lions having lunch. What a numpty!

  • Fl09

    A fake, but a good fake(apparently).

  • dean thats the link for the whole video, well an extended version with the man getting eaten’s fottage included, what gets me is there are two cars there why dont they charge the lions?

  • dean

    Also if you dont believe its real look up traces of death on wikipedia or pit durnet the blokes name on IMdb

  • Lisko

    Anyone who thinks that is a fake is a complete f***in moron!

  • The Realest

    Its the real deal. Check out a more indepth video at the address below:

  • killa

    i think its95% can also see this video at

  • kashif

    He totally ignored a health hazard & safety risk which trumatized every 1 who watched him leave this world….

  • Jonny Utah

    It’s a fake, taken from a 1970s Italian schlock horror movie I saw at a party. I forget the name, but it’s a portmanteau film with several stories of which this was not the sickest.

  • Kevin Johnston

    I think its real and agree that they would have saved him if they had drove there cars at them or at least beeped their horns. I would rather get squashed by a car than have several lions eat me. Also someone said why is there no park rangers around. There does not have to be a park ranger close if you have you own car in a park. I was in Kruger national park in a hired jeep last year and I never seen any rangers. Incidentally I came across some lions and one of then started trying to chew my back tyre until I has the sense to drive off.

  • http://n/a crashkidd34

    It doesnt play.

  • djstelios

    crashkidd34: thank you for the tip.
    I replace the video from youtube, instead of google, initially hosted

  • Hitokirib

    Well, in my opinnion, the guy/girl saying this is not a “human” way to educate, well…lets define “human” ina bit diff way: Creature hat is on top of the chain, domains the world, also destroys the world itself, the wild life in it, the forests, so we humans destroy the world, you just like to think about people, , the world is more than just that, if the mother of the cow youre eating could think and talk what you think she will say to you?, think about it silly, we get what we give, so is ok by me, i wouldnt have a problem if my family gets owned by some savage animal, cus 1- we dont live near them, so it would be our fault invading their spaces, 2-we kill them, even for fun, we even pay to kill them,a son cant say faking lion ate my father (as an insult), cus the worst part is that we know what we do, and we still do it, they dont think, they are pure instincts, go look some animal cruelty videos, and about the educationla purpose, again, we get educated…but we practice what we learn? sorry but i think its better doing it the hard way, if animals could debate, people would lose

  • Hitokirib

    oh and i forgot, uhm, the horrofyed family in this footage….didnt get paid for it, for selling the film i mean? lol i think they did, if this whole thing is real of course

  • Ted

    Obviously fake! Staged with pet lions!

  • http://www.myspace/completelynakedproduction CompletelyNakedProductions

    Um no it’s not staged this is the Pit Durnet footage from Traces Of Death. Traces is known from only having actual death footage ( Everyone and their father knows that…. well I guess he would know if he wasn’t devoured by lions first.

  • Beta-Man 970

    I’m a pro cameraman with many years behind a movie/video lens.
    As to whether this is real or fake, a few things bother me:

    1. Whoever was shooting the attack, also took cutaway shots of
    the kids and the wife (?) looking on in horror. This strikes me as
    bizzare in the extreme. What kind of cameraman would pan away from the horror of the attack to get cutaway footage? Maybe a cameraman who was shooting a fake and trying to make it look real.

    2. In some shots, the victim looks like a dummy – especially when the head rises up after a lion pulls up the body.

    3. The footage itself. Isn’t it odd that a cameraman could calmly shoot his friend being eaten by lions? Everybody must have been in shock, and I doubt in any state to operate a movie camera.

    I would go with a mixture of real footage of a lion mauling and fake footage added. I could be totally wrong of course.

    BTW – the camera that the man was using and the one the lion grabs and carries off, is an old wind up 16mm camera called a Bolex.

  • disgusted

    This is so sad. I feel compassion for the family and yet realize that there is no way this is a real film footage. Torn. I guess it shows how disgusting we have become as humans to enjoy so much the depravation of other people… as long as it is no one we know.

  • i ate a lion

    i once ate a lion, i was on a safari, i decided to get out the rover and have a nice picnic, i was eating my bologna sandwich when a lion came up thinking i wasn’t going to do anything, so i lunged at it bit his neck, and ate it.

    wasn’t that bad either, i packed some for the road and then i left.

  • i ate a lion

    yes that is a true story

  • nicci

    if its real or fake. i have to say :( i didnt like it. im not exactly upset or laughing im more in shock. i dont think its””educational”” . everyone knows not to walk straight up to lions or infact get out of the vehicle when around them I thought evryone was educaded enough to know they are dangerous without seeing his. but then again maybe it will help people to realise as it certainly has a strong impact. sooo im not very sure what i think of it.

  • joel

    just watch and shut up there are more horribles things going on on the world

  • Chris W.

    Quote from nicci: everyone knows not to walk straight up to lions

    Evidently, you’re wrong. At least one person didn’t know not to do such a bone stupid thing as that. That’s one less stupid person in the world.

    I feel bad for the poor bastard’s family, but not for him. Yes, if I were so stupid as to do that, I wouldn’t want anyone feeling bad for me. If one rolls the dice against nature, they’d better be prepared to face the consequences.

    Kudos to Hitokirib for making some other good points about man versus nature!

  • Derek

    How can a lion eating a man be educational i felt sorry four his family thay had to sit there and watch that it shocks me everytime i see it.

  • noone

    this is old one, real video, old old old, i see many years ago the complete, noyt sure but the car was a a renault 4 (where the childrens are) , the way humans act and the screm, are real. try go get the original one

  • http://wordpress joe

    now that i know how to work this thing you guys are all stupid this aint a fake and no there aint a more human way to to teach that lions are dangerous than to wacth a guy getting eatin by one

  • Schpanky

    It’s from a Mondo film. It is so fake it’s not funny. He doesn’t struggle, his intestines are pulled out as soon as he’s down. It was a dummy. They probably covered it with stuff the lions like so they would lick and play with it. Name of the stupid Mondo is Ultime Grida Dalla Savana.

  • JacobTheAmish

    Its not real. It is a clip from a film called Savage Man Savage Beast, it starred an actor called Pit Durnet and was directed by Antonio Climati and was produced in 1974. A Japanese film company first pasted it off as real then the americans picked it up. There are a 101 dicussions about this topic on the net.
    The claims of Faces of Death, Traces Of Death and similar cheap and nasty video series are not always to be believed. As with most American stuff, they are full of shit

  • joe

    JacobTheAmish: I believe you are wrong. Savage Man Savage Beast came out in 1975 not 1974. This footage of Pit Durnet being eaten alive was include as real. The film you refer to from 1974 was a film in which Durnet starred (in real life he was an actor). Look up his imdb profile where it clearly states that the actor “Pit Durnet” died 1975 in Nimibia, eaten by lions.

    The footage IS REAL. Pit Durnet after 1975, well there is nothing after that. Jacob Im sorry but you are an idiot for believing the urban legend of the Japanese passing it as real.

    Its sad that a man died in front of his family but even more sad that morons like you, Jacob, think its fake.

  • joe

    Just to be sure I did some more searching, and its sad, but this footage is REAL.

    The 1974 film directed by Antonio Climati was a documentary film in which this footage was first shown to the world under an Italian title. The english international title “Savage Man Savage Beast” came out in 1975. But it was till 1993 that the footage of Pit Durnet being eaten alive was made famous when it was included in Traces of Death.

    Pit Durnet seems to have been a small time actor and part of Climati’s film crew. He made the mistake of getting out of a car and then…

    In Durnet’s IMDB profile it clearly states that this man died in Febuary 1975 in Wallasee, Nimibia.

  • joe

    The Faces of Death scene is a re-enactment of Climati’s original. This is were the problem rest: The oringinal is sometime confused with the faked.

    To be fare, according to the wikipedia article for “Ultime Griddalla Savan”, which is the original Italian title, the lion attack is suspected of being faked but not proven. It also confuses the matter by refering to Pit Durnet as “Pit Dernitz” – which I believe is his true name.

  • Torin Hanson

    This is actually REAL. To all who may be suprised. Watch the end of Traces of Death for the backround story. This video was used in a law suit against the safri park who made the cars without anti-lock mechanisms. This video is part of the reason for why safri cars are now locked and tracked. I worked on the case.

  • Annoyed Biologist Dr. Bulmer

    I’ve been a biologist for the Smithsonian in Washington DC for the last 20 years. My wife showed me this video and I cant get over all the argument about this. To make it simple: A lion attack would have been much more vicious than what you see here. The lions are clearly playing, i’ve dont it myself. An attacking lion would have charged the man much harder and there would have been much less of a fight.

    But you dont see much of the fight anyways because the camera work is all shot for effect like they do in hollywood fight scenes. Anyone should be able to look at this video and at least see that much.


  • trixter

    ha ha!! that guy is just a fucking idiot! hes either gay or retarded! nobody should feel sorry for the guy kuz it was his stupid fault!

  • Raji

    what make me think that this video is fake : where is the testimony of the victim’s children and the other witnesses around the scene, anyone can try to seach a testimony on internet and will find nothing like that !!

  • Bleak

    Wow. I don’t mean to insult people but the number of folks who actually think this is real footage is a little alarming. I can see how some of you would be fooled because it does look somewhat real in spots, but the entire thing was staged.

    It’s a good fake but a fake nonetheless. It was a complete and utter hoax done back in the 70s. Any so-called “real” information you dig up on the ‘net is all part of the hoax.

  • zara

    It’s on youtube, the other part to this. Just type in lion attack on youtube and it should be there somewhere.

  • SevenOneSeven

    As staged as this video is, its effect eclipses any response that a genuine death scene would illicit. Anyone capable of a little research will find the truth about “Pit Durnet” and how this clip was lifted from “Savage Man, Savage Beast”.

    To anyone viewing a film like “Traces of Death”, this clip will be as real as their mind will allow them to believe it is. The viewer obviously wants to witness macabre, ghastly scenes so they will validate it for their own purpose. People still believe “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Blair Witch Project” are true as well. Go figure.

    The posts about this clip that attest to its authenticity also contain misspellings, profanity and elementary school grammar. Its sad but amusing to see how the public at large will demonstrate such feeble-mindedness. :)

  • God

    O Bless us with thy wisdom, almighty SevenOneSeven. It pleases us feeble-minded folk to see that thou art “amused” by our misgivings. Now go fucketh thyself!

  • asianpride

    i saw this in faces of death and it looks pretty fucking fake to me!

  • Poochey

    This is real and everybody knows it. Not all of us can be like the cro.Hunter. The education on this is what you saw.”Don’t take your stupid ass out your car. Now just wait for the next stupid ass to do the same thing.”Trust a wild animal.

  • Stephh

    This video is real. i have seen the other video’s on you tube that show more, like his body parts laying all over the ground. Also the lions ripping off the meat of his bones. its very sad. look it up yourself.

  • Carlos Pereira

    As far as I can tell that part of the world (southern Angola) was a warzone when it was supposedly shot. Portugal was ending 14 years of bush war – independence was granted later in 1975. No ‘whiteys’ would have been running around loose in the bush without military escort – capable of shooting simba. Also, the number plates don’t jell. The steering wheel is on the left side of the vehicles – not on the right as used in SWA/Namibia, Botswana and other neighbouring countries.

  • Ras

    You really are retards. This scene is from the movie: Ultime grida dalla savana, a movie showing scenes about hunting.

    Quoted from Wikipedia: The inclusion of several staged or scripted scenes has made the film, which claims to consist of purely authentic footage, a target for critical condemnation. Numerous scenes have been proven fake, including the anti-fox hunting campaign involving the fictional “Wild Fox Association” and the murder of the indigenous men by mercenaries. During another wildlife rally, the fabrication of the scene is apparent with the presence of Italian porn star Ilona Staller. The lion attack on Pit Dernitz is also suspected of being a fabrication.[1][2]

    This is so obvious a fake scene.

  • Rem

    This is a staged scene from ultime grida dalla savana -_-


    If this is in fact real, the person who filmed this should be shot. If I were there I would have thrown this person to the lions my self. After emptying my .454 Casull at the lions of course. If this is a legitimate video, it should be a Darwin Award winnner, all be it disturbing. I mean…. who in their right mind gets out of the car filming these things with no weapon, etc…????? KLE

  • bullshit

    u guys r mad….just watch nd forget abt it..y u wanna think abt it…like its fake or real…nothing is gonna happn..

  • Kat

    appeared to be well fed,non-threatened lions, very comfortable around humans. Not at all displaying the hunt/attack behaviours of a pride. people in the cars were lion handlers you can see lions looking at them for cues and rewards of antelpoe meat(the noticably bloodless flesh they were chewing) also a biggie, lack of blood on man none on lions faces,clothing stays intact. the amazing bloodless tourist maybe? finaly Lions do not knock down prey and begin eating it. They kill it first by crushing the larnyx or jugular
    oh and the lioness who made off with the camera film,I heard she worked for the insurance company ,to keep it from being shown in court for the families claim

  • pat

    Looks fake. The dude eating looks like he is pushing against the lions neck at times. Also there is a point where the lion is just laying across the victim/trainer. Imma say the fact that he is not dead within 5 seconds is key. Not an expert, but I imagine that lions, which tear holes in the leathery backside of water buffalo, would slice through his skin like a hot knife through butter.

  • Leah
  • duh

    Yea definitely fake. Check out this site for more info :

  • steve hurst

    i’m a graphic artist and videographer. here’s my take on it. indeed, the attack is lame, but you have to consider that the lion attacking the man is akin to a human attacking, say, a worm. the man was week—not a threat—and not a fast runner. when the lion bites the idiot’s arm, his body language suggests the shock of real pain. plus, lions in parks are fed by game wardens, so real hunger probably wasn’t the issue. (sometimes we eat food just because it’s there, even when we aren’t hungry). as for the cuts to the wife and baby, it’s edited. this film is footage from the insurance company the the relatives were suing. one other factor to consider is that this was shot in 1975 in angola. this type of footage was not the trend as it is today. lastly, in the other version i saw online (can’t find it now), i was able to view it frame by frame and blood can be seen streaming down the guy’s pants. in that version, the game wardens rush onto the scene, scaring the lions off. they help the wife to a vehicle and she collapses. then they wrap the body and carry it away. also, in that version, one of the guys leg is forced into a position that only a body contortionist could perform.

  • Mary

    Ok, I need some proof that this is real. It looks too fake. On some of the clearer videos of this, if you put it in slow motion you can tell the body is fake!

  • sarah

    how can i see the whole video? i cannot find the extended version..can anyone help?

  • Madelaine

    I hate to say, but it is real. It really did happen. I also saw the footage in the seventies in an Italian Documentary at the cinema.
    Its so damm sad. But what a stupid man. You ask about rangers….remember this was the seventies where things were more relaxed and at ease. No one could have thought this man would have been so stupid as to get out of his car. But then again as they say…sh.. happens. How awful it must have been for the wife and children. Cant imagine anything worse.
    My heart goes out to her. But I would not wipe this of the computer at all. I would leave it for all to see and for anyone that takes silly might help them not to be so stupid.

  • toloane

    the lions were playful? what are you guys slow with your reflexes? theh lion breaks his hand after biting it like it did. just check how it looks afterwards…

  • Sean

    Look, personally I’m not convinced that it’s real. However, a few points:
    Torin: Safari cars are NOT locked and tracked, at least not in any Southern African game farm I’ve even been to, and I’ve been to a lot because I live here.
    Dr Bulmer: SOME lions are not “wild” per se, but live in lion parks, and are fed dead meat. This does not make them tame, but it does mean that they often struggle to kill live prey. The Lion Park near Johannesburg had a particularly grisly incident some years back where the lions took a very long time to kill a ranger who had gone in without notifying anyone.
    Carlos: Please check your geography. Namibia is HUGE and is NOT part of Southern Angola at all. Many people holidayed all over Namibia, and even in Angola during the war there. SWAPO only began major incursions into Nambia (then South West Africa) in the 1980s. Your point about the placing of the steering wheel is correct however.

    Last point, you would be surprised how many tourists wind up getting munched in southern african game farms. People are mindbogglingly stupid with wild animals. We’ve had tourists reach through a fence to pet a lion, I’ve seen a tourist calmly standing and filming a charging bull elephant. What THAT would to to you would make the lions look like kittens.

    The basic problem is that many tourists forget that a lot of African predators are pack hunters. Rule of thumb: if you can see some lions, there’s more. In the bushes. Right behind you.

  • GUywhoknowsall

    I work in the film industry and I would be IMPOSSIBLE to fake a scene like that with 4 lions “fake” mauling a human being like that You have no idea the caution that goes into using even ONE lion on a film set let alone FOUR. If an actor was squirming about like that and screaming with even one lion the situation would get out of hand very very quickly. Take it from me there is no way to fake that without using CGI which to look that good would be very expensive and non existent during that day and age. It is very real

  • GUywhoknowsall

    On rewatching the video however haha. I realized several things that are off about it. Especially the editing. Not to mention they have cars which would easily be a weapon to drive off the lions. So something is up and fishy.

  • Daniel

    The reason it was edited so heavily is because it was actually 2 videos spliced together. It was originally in a movie and later appeared in Traces of Death in 1993, but it is widely believd to be real, although there are those that disagree with the footage

  • ryan

    who are you to say what entertainment is cyn? some people may find stuff like this entertainment and some may find it sick just to watch. you may think those who think this is entertainment is sick but in that case everybody in the middle ages where sick.. i like waching stuff you dont see everyday and stuff that feels unreal can also be healthy because it can blunt you

  • Aaron

    For the people hoping this video is real, I’m sorry to disappoint you as this is a very very clever fake. Unfortunately one of the biggest give aways of this video is the lack of blood seen in the scene especially on the body and lion’s.

    Those Faces of Death are actually 90% fake, death’s made and staged to make people believe what they are seeing are real.

    You have to ask why is a guy filming a guy getting out of a car to the lions? It’s a fake don’t worry folks.

  • Candice

    That is why they call it the ‘Wild’. Not like the Movie “Madagascar” These are ‘Wild’ Animals in the ‘Wild Bush”. This is also why were are in our motorcars and the animals are outside. Look and Learn. Currently in the Kruger National Park. Best Wishes.

    P.S This is REAL.

  • john

    lol you guys are all wrong,this is not from”faces of death”or “traces of death”(although it was in there).Its from a 70s Italian movie called”savage man savage beast”.It was an anti hunting and poaching film made to scare people basically

  • Neil

    This is a movie scene. Convincing, yes, but a forerunner of the Blair Witch approach. Faces of Death is largely faked (dramatised), but like any old footage (the walking Yeti) it attracts those who want to believe. There are also so many technical problems with it, listed above, such as the number plates, it just doesn’t stack up anyway. Believe in UFOs instead. Or God.

  • REAL

    Mondo film savage man savage beast, along with court clips, three cameramen were there to take this footage, and those who deny it’s real gave the most stupid reasons like how the lion is not attacking with savagery, are you kidding me? the lioness basically tore off his arms, and then some idiots question the part where the lioness took a bite, the man’s head cocks up in pain, but says it’s a fake rubber doll, wtf, the man was in tremendous pain, that’s a reflex action, and yes, apparently one of the cameramen were on hand to capture his family horrified expression, i would too if i was there and heard his wife and kids screaming in horror, i would switch my camera to them, those huys filming are not his friends obviously, they proberbly even found abit of amusement at his stupidity, hey it’s a cruel world, but we all gotta take it as a lesson not to fuck with nature.

  • Natura

    Haven’t seen anybody complaining about videos showing people hunting and killing thousands of animals daily. How come that the slaughter of so many innocent animals goes unnoticed while the death of one person (which could have been avoided if the victim followed common sense and the Park’s instructions) creates so much outrage?
    And the definition of double standards is ???
    Feel really sorry for the man and his family but in the grand scheme of things can’t understand the objections

  • BamBam

    Thats why we violate stupid ass laws that say no guns allowed.If anything attacks,you get eaten,but hey,at least the asswipes won`t lock you up for violating some preppy gun law,….hey–lock me up. its better than getting eaten alive!

  • study

    guys this is just fake. the man is PLAYING WITH THE LIONS! first of all. if a lion attacks you, you ll be dead in 2 seconds. a lion bites in your neck.
    second thing, ok if this would be real, why isnt there any blood? and the lions dont seem to be aggresiv.

    fake fake fake

    but its would be still horrible if a man get eaten by a lion

  • lulu

    If you would listen to the audio as well as watch the video, you would hear the narrator say that the terrain prohibited the cars from driving forward and scaring off the lions.

    It also looks like urine has stained the man’s pants, which is a natural physical reaction to trauma or death.

    I vote that it’s real.

  • monkeyman

    Firstly, why is there always some kid or two bit loser pretending to be a ‘lion expert’, ‘professor’, ‘camera man’ or generally a ‘professional’ who has some insight which supersedes everyone else’s? No-one believes you, and if you are a worthy intellectual then at least tidy up your spelling and grammar, and present your thoughts in an educated fashion. I’m not saying that I am waxing prose here, but I am not proclaiming to be anything more than a man with an opinion.

    Secondly, how the hell can anyone be so sure of what someone else might do in a situation like that? It’s easy to say you would run them over with a car, it’s quite something else to do it. I’m not saying this is real, just that big words on a forum is hardly convincing or impressive reasoning.

    Thirdly, to those saying the lions are playing. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’m a modern man, and I have animal planet! I recently saw a keeper why fed lions thinking they were penned in, but was surprised to find one of them all over him seconds later. He survived, and yes, it/they were playing but if he had not behaved in the submissive manner which he did, they would have killed him. Now, this is his opinion of course, but I did see him getting thrown about the place by seemingly docile lions which playing or not were doing him some injury and might have easily killed him should they have felt like it.

    Fourthly, IMDB is as unreliable as Wikipedia for having information on things which have no discernible evidence one way or another.

    I don’t know if it’s real or not. But then neither do you.

  • Wolfgang

    Hello people. I’m a contract photographer going on 35 years now and I can assure those who believe this to be a fake that it is not. This film has been cut for drama’s sake as it was shown on a Wild Kingdom show in 1976, although filmed two years earlier. It has been cut up because seeing the actual film would be very difficult for most people. The film in its entirety is owned by Sony Pictures as over time this is the company that has eventually come into ownership. I know this because I’ve done “board work” for Sony pictures and have seen many titles in their archives. What you’re seeing here is what someone recorded on their VHS back in the seventies from the show Wild Kingdom, it was part of a series of docudrama’s they showed regarding safety with animals. The reason it’s filmed in the manner it is, is because it is 1974, game wardens didn’t carry firearms, people were still somewhat naive and didn’t realize their vehicles would deter the animals and you’re also missing a lot of the video…..42 minutes of it to be exact. And by the way, I’d stop relying on Wiki for anything, insofar as my research entails they’re wrong 50% of the time.

  • Ivan

    Compaltely agree with Wolfgang. Eather these people were dumb to ralize it or they were so panic that they didn’t figure out scaring them with the vehicles. However, it so sad ;(

  • monkeyman

    What did I say about so called professionals? Wolfgang, you are not in any better position to know than anyone else just because you’ve seen an archive with it in! You said you are a photographer, what’s that got to do with film editing anyway?! Furthermore, intellectual or otherwise, ownership is not acquired ‘over time’. It is more likely that Sony distributed an edited copy to the TV stations as part of a consortium for the purpose of the show in question. The original footage however belonged to ‘World AudioVisual Corporation’ and can be seen here:

    I do agree that Wikipedia often has unsubstantiated information, but to come to the conclusion 50% of the information is wrong leads me to think you are making assumptions.

    What I’m trying to say, is don’t bring your boasts to the table without facts you can prove. Even if Sony do own the recording rights, and it was shown on ‘Wild Kingdom’, does it answer the question at hand ‘is it real’? If not, no-one is interested in vague information about being a photographer, or having exclusive access to Sony’s video vault. I’ve been a photographer for 15 years, been editing video, writing music, and having full penetrative intercourse for just as long, but it doesn’t let me know whether this man was eaten by a lion.

    Anyone else? Maybe someone out there has been going on safari for 50 years, and been a paper boy for 20, so clearly knows both everything about lions and then the most efficient was to distribute the video evidence?

    Rant over…until the next moron.

  • camille

    this would be horrible if it was, im just going to try to convince myself it is, for comfort. :S first of all, the way the cut to the family, what video camera does that with out editing? and again, if it WAS real, dont you think this would’v been on the news. sure, it was the seventies, but it would still be referred to in today’s media. i dont know though.. there isn’t enough sufficient information to make this real

    …or fake. :/

  • Zura

    I suppose that I can understand how so many people would be convinced that the attack depicted in the footage is real, as most people have no experience with big cats, but I can assure you that at least those portions of the film depicting the attack are almost certainly staged. I have worked with big cats for 31 years, and can promise you that a lion attack is an explosive, ferocious thing that always proceeds in the same manner – at least for the initial attack – I’ve seen inexperienced hunters do some oddball things after the takedown. The body language of the attacking lions is 100% wrong. Further, the damage depicted in no way reflects the actual damage that I have witnessed in two separate big cat attacks on humans (mountain lion and tiger). Neither attack was deadly, but the victims in both attacks were terribly clawed and bitten and reduced to bloody pulp in seconds. It was shocking even for me, as their usual prey animals have much tougher hides – human flesh gives way like butter by comparison.

    Anyhow, the footage is almost certainly false – at least with respect to the attack. However, I am in no way discounting the fact that such attacks do happen. I am sure that such footage exists – I am aware of some footage of the bloody aftermath of an attack by a small caged lion that is very real and very terrible.

  • Thomas

    To the morons who thought this was real.

    Do you really think the person holding the camera would take a shot of the guys 2 year old kid crying their eyes out while their Dad is being savaged to death.

    Use your fucking brains.

  • Guest

    Actually, this is a little tricky. The video at youtube is taken from Faces of Death part 1, for which already a documentary exists, about which scenes were faked, which were real, and which real scenes were too short so they added additional and staged scenes. This scene is such a combination scene, which explains the apparently strange “camera work”. The scene from the beginning (the guy sneaking out of his car), some shots of his “relatives” and maybe some fighting scequences are added. Unfortunately, Pit Dernitz got really mauled by lions, and the differences to other movies (FoD1 is not the first one) demonstrate this. Check IMDB for Pit Dernitz death location :-(

  • reia

    lol educational..

  • Jesus_H_Christ

    Today I learned that is apparently a repository for underage retards.

    My favorite bit of genius thus far?

    “I hate to say, but it is real. It really did happen. I also saw the footage in the seventies in an Italian Documentary at the cinema.”

    hahahahaha. Yeah, that 70’s Italian Documentary you saw in the grindhouse theatre? That was a mondo film, ie- a “shockumentary” featuring staged footage for shock value. Explicit sex, nudity or violence was illegal in US films in the 70s unless it could be argued that it was for educational or documentary purposes as opposed to simply being for perverted titilation purposes, the so-called “prurient interest”.

    Thus, even if they had not wanted to (which of course they did), mondo filmmakers were forced to present all of their footage as real because admitting they had staged any of the gory scenes would be proving to the government that the film was not actually trying to educationally document a real event and was just an excuse to for weirdos to watch stuff die on screen, even if it didn’t actually die, if you get my point.

    What this means was that not only was it the director’s goal to make the staged scenes as believably realistic as possible, it was also in his best interests if he wanted to get the film approved as a documentary in the US. The exploitation film directors turned this into an art form; the Guinea Pig torture/gore films, for instance, are shockingly realistic if you don’t know how to spot the low-budget slip ups. Fooled Charlie Sheen and (briefly) the Japanese government, anyway.

    Go read the Snopes thread, and re-watch the video while noticing all the inconsistencies and crafty editing techniques. Learn how these guys did it. Only then will you actually learn something from this.

    And for the love of shit, all you idiots going “OMG TEH LION 8 HIM”, turn on your fucking common sense detectors, please.

  • Rahab

    I sincerely hope your right… :-(

  • greg

    of course it’s fake you gullible morons. Try Google and do some research, you’re already on the internet.

  • Tedfio1

    It Is Fake! LOL…

  • Jmjangelito

    Many, many people insist that this video must be fake, and actually, it is.

    The story is that this is a very famous video that was taken in the mid-1970′s in Africa on a safari. The tourist was apparently from London. It was entered as evidence in a court case. The insurance company used this tape evidence in court to deny the life insurance claim for the guy. They argued that the man engaged in “gross stupidity” and therefore they were not on the line for payout.

    In truth, this video is fake. It is said to have occurred in Wallasee National Park in Angola in the mid-70′s. There is no such place in Angola or anywhere in Africa.

    The “attack victim” is named Pit Dernitz, and he has his own IMDB entry for this video. He is a very famous lion trainer.

    This clip was taken from an Italian Mondo film called Ultime Grida Dalla Savana, which contains many similar clips.

    This film was never entered into any court case.

  • Enric Martinez

    It looks rather crappy. Or better said: It looks like fucking shit. ‘~)

  • Enric Martinez

    Looks like shit. I have seen few fakes crappier than this. Not that I am again lions eating poeple.. but this is just plain crap. And I guess the lions would have beenr throwing the fuck out after eating such a piece of shit human…

  • Cconrad1977

    This is totally fake. It is off of Traces of Death part 1. It may be based on a real life event but this actual footage is totally fake.

  • Mia08181808

    Lol,you must be the biggest idiot,or you must live in the serengety park cause if i see lions outside my car i wouldnt get out,you know what if i see pitbulls i wont get out

  • Joshram79

    The only way to know for certain whether this is real or fake would be to track the original newspaper clipping from that year and day it happened. Also by tracking the surviving members of the family, since it happened in 1975, the baby in the film would be in its forties by now. Even though the child would not or might not recall what happened. It would certainly would be able to tell you about its father and whether or not he did really die that day. 

  • Mr. Flaurentcy

    Just to let you all know this was an actualk attack. Unfirtunaely or Fortunate for some not all of the film was released. It was my Grandfather whom took the footage in the 3rd car.

  • Silvers496

    I seen it before and I have worked around big cats and the one thing you dont do in crouch down in the middle of them. This dumn man had it comming as soon as he got out of his car

  • TKeil

    This is NOT REAL. It is from a Mundo movie called Savage Man Savage Beast. It is obviously staged. Notice the playful acting lions, nobody taking action, shots of baby crying etc..

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