Huge Thai boobs: It’s the farang ding dong girls

The farang ding dong girls are a mysterious group of Thai women who have had their breasts enlarged to enormous proportions to satisfy the needs of their boob-loving farang boyfriends.

A single boob job won’t turn your Thai sweetheart into a farang ding dong girl. It takes up to six operations to turn her cute handfuls into massive comedy breasts and she has to endure considerable discomfort in the process.

Western surgeons would hesitate before performing such aggressive multiple breast augmentation procedures. However, their Thai colleagues don’t have any ethical dilemmas. If a woman wants unfeasibly big tits, she can have them – so long as her boyfriend has the cash.

The farang ding dong girls are proud of their huge knockers and they enjoy the public attention. Ask one what her major goal is in and she will invariably say “To have bigger tits!”

Going large is highly addictive.

Update: Watch “spicy videos” from the girls

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